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Sunday, 29 September 2013 21:44

Not What We Expected...

In the last few weeks we have had some server issues in our house - this website is hosted in my basement :) - which is one of the downsides of hosting your own website, so the blog has been down for most of the past few weeks. 

I have a 'what you missed' blog post planned, but after this weekend, I'll move that to later this week and just explain why - after a 3-week break from blogging - I'm going to take just one more night...

We have been planning a kitchen renovation, and Saturday morning we got ready to head to our nearest IKEA - 5 hours away - for a day trip.  Our daughters were staying with their Grandparents, in case you were wondering...

At 6:30am, driving my in-laws truck, we hit a deer on the highway head-on. It was scary, but ultimately, there are so many things to be thankful for...

1. Our daughters were not with us - just less to worry about.

2. We were in a big truck, and so we were totally fine - not even whiplash. I can't speak for the deer, because it must have been able to walk at least far enough to pull itself off the road and out of our sight, but I don't expect it made it very far and I hope it died quickly.  But we were completely fine - Praise God! 

3. We had barely left the city, and were still not even as far as the city where our parents live.  We called them and despite having woken them up, my Father-in-law was able to meet us on the highway and follow us with the truck (which was still able to drive) back to the body shop and bring us back to their place for breakfast and to spend some time with our daughters - grateful to be safe and sound (and alive...)

4. We were on our way THERE, which meant the truck was not as laden as it would have been on the way back, and so when Brian braked to try to avoid the deer, although a smaller vehicle would have slowed faster - we were able to slow more quickly than if the truck had been packed with stuff.  

I was disappointed about not being able to spend the day at IKEA, and we felt absolutely terrible about totalling a vehicle that wasn't even ours - but there are so many things that could have made the situation so much worse that I really feel nothing but relief. 

More later. 

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