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Sunday, 13 October 2013 03:30

Audrey at 11 Months - Nearly One Year Old!??

On August 30 of this year, Audrey started army crawling.  Since then, she has been pulling herself onto furniture and keeping us incredibly busy keeping up to her investigative personality.  A whole new level of 'baby proofing' has become necessary that just wasn't an issue when Clara was this age.  The two girls are so different, and our perceptions of them are so different - it really is fascinating to compare them as they grow. 

Dear Audrey,

You have gone from army crawling, to 'proper' crawling to pulling yourself up onto furniture in only a few short weeks.  You will walk if someone is holding both of your hands, but you are still not confident enough to take any steps if one of your hands is free.  I keep trying to let go of one of your hands only to have you stop and reach up - looking for another hand to hold. 

Your investigative skills are getting harder and harder to keep up with - just this week when we had friends over and you were one of four children running around, despite having two Moms to supervise, we lost you!  Suddenly we couldn't find you anywhere - we looked into every room we thought you could access, and even checked the stairs although we had been standing right next to them and were quite sure you hadn't gotten past us.  Then, we looked past the barricade that we had built in the hallway to keep you from going into the end room - and sure enough, you were in the 'cat room', eating cat food.  We will never underestimate your skills again. 

You are constantly on the move - it's even difficult to give you a diaper change, because you are always wildly trying to get away. 

Your absolute favourite toys right now are the ones you can crawl into or on top of.  We have one of those long folding tunnels from IKEA, and a Dora the Explorer Pop-up tent, and you love to crawl into both of these things.  I've been excited to see you and Clara spend more time alone with each other inside that tent.  There is also a large stuffed tiger in our basement that Clara got as a gift from your Grandma and Grandpa - your Grandpa picked it out before he died - and you love crawling on it.  You also seem completely unconcerned with how often you fall over onto your head. 

You are babbling just as much as last month - no more - but your noises are starting to resemble words more and more.  You say 'Mummum!' when you're angry, and 'Dadadada' when you're happy and excited - and usually you direct them to the correct parent.  I have heard you copy our inflections on more than one occasion, and I'm sure I even heard you say 'Didi' (sister) once. 

You still have no teeth!!! I don't have any idea what's up with that.  You still eat lots, but only if we let you feed yourself.  It's frustrating for me, because you make an enormous mess, but I know it's better for you to learn how to eat on your own.  I just need to learn to deal with the mess.  I've started letting you use a spoon occasionally - and in only a few times trying, you've actually got it mostly figured out.  It really only works with food that's sticky enough to stay on the spoon without dripping, but I'll still call that a success! 

Your days of breastfeeding are almost over.  You still nurse before bed, and once early in the morning when you've started to wake up again (4-5am), but you don't seem to need it or ask for it anymore, and you LOVE drinking milk from a bottle so I think that we will soon be transitioning to no more breastfeeding.  

You have begun to tantrum to get your way - usually when someone takes something away from you.  Clara will sometimes do this, and you'll start crying until either she gives it back or gives you something else to distract you.  You also don't appreciate it if someone else is given a snack or a treat in your presence without offering any to you. You're beginning to grow into quite a little princess...

Just as Clara has grown out of her afternoon nap, you have started needing them at 1 or 2pm every day - as if on schedule.  Occasionally you still have a late morning nap, which pushes your afternoon nap later into the day, but most of the time you have one nap a day that starts at 1 or 2pm and lasts for 2-3 hours.  I can't believe you are no longer an infant already - the time has flown by so quickly!

I've had to start saying 'No' to you - since you're moving enough to get into everything! I caught you trying to plug in my computer the other day - another trick that Clara never tried, so it never occured to me to watch for it.  When I say 'No' to you, you giggle and try again until I physically take you away from the area at which point you will say 'Nuh nuh nuh nuh' repeatedly while shaking your head back and forth. 

Looking at all the pictures here, I must admit that your hair does not look curly. I'm still hoping for a bit of a wave, though, and I've started to notice that in comparison to Clara's hair - and even mine - your hair actually seems a bit 'wiry', which I suspect means it will be thicker.  I hope you don't hate me someday for being excited about that for you... 

This is another of your new favourite places to play - inside the coffee table. I couldn't find you the other day - I was certain I'd put you in the Living Room! - and I found you on the shelf below the coffee table. I thought it was too funny to not take a few pictures... 

My dear Audrey, we are definitely at a point where I can't remember a time when you weren't here, and yet - as I put away clothes that you are rapidly outgrowing - I feel as though you haven't possibly had enough time to get so big!  I love your endless snuggles, easy smiles and laid-back personality. I love watching you chase around your sister and the cat - just trying to keep up - and listening to you giggle hysterically when Clara decides to chase you back.  

I just can't imagine life without you, my beautiful baby girl. 

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