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Monday, 04 November 2013 15:31

Kid's Crafts for Fall

Ryan, who endorses 'Fun Kids Pajamas' asked me if he could send me a guest post with some kids' crafts that my readers would find interesting.  Considering my own writing has been lacking lately, here's a post with some craft ideas to give you something to read and do!  It's no longer fall in our part of the world, but I'm excited to try these crafts out in the next week or two - especially this first one!


The fall is full of bright colors, cool weather, and fun festivities. This can make the autumn season breaming with inspiration and opportunities to do some creative crafting. From making your own fall themed Thanksgiving turkeys to creating trees and beautifully colored leaves, there is no shortage of fun fall arts and crafts.

  1. Swirly Painted Fall Leaves

While trees blazing in red, orange and yellow are beautiful, they tend not to last for too long before the leaves fall off and you are left with some bare sticks poking out from a trunk. Fortunately by creating marble swirled fall leaves with your child, you can make your own beautiful, fall colored leaves that can last for years to come. One thing to keep in mind is that this activity can quickly get messy, so you may want to do it outside and bring a change of clothes or a kid’s bath robe for your child to put on before coming inside.

You will need:

  • Shaving cream (the fluffy white kind, not gel)

  • White card stock

  • A foil baking pan

  • Orange, yellow and red food coloring

The first thing to do is to cut leaf shapes out of the card stock. A fun and easy way to do this is by taking a walk with your child in your backyard or a local park and collecting some of the biggest, and most interestingly shaped leaves that the two of you come across to take home. When you get home, you can trace these out on the card stock, and then cut around the outline to make your own “leaves.”

Next, cover the baking pan in about 1/3 inch of shaving cream, as evenly as possible. Gently scrape off any lumps and bumps with a plastic card or ruler so that there is just a flat plane of shaving cream covering the pan. After everything is level, put in 3 or 4 drops of each food coloring in different areas and gently swirl everything around with a paintbrush.

As the foamy mixture is stirred, the colors should blend into marbled swirly patterns of red, yellow and orange. If you keep doing it for too long though, they could all mix together and just become brown, so once you have a pretty pattern, just stop. At this point, you should take your leaf shaped card stock and gently press it onto the mixture, then remove it. After letting the colors soak in to the card stock for about 2 minutes, scrape off the shaving cream and you should be left with a leaf covered in bright fall colors!

  1. Pinecone Turkeys

If fall has an official animal, it may very well be the turkey. You can make some fun turkey decorations with the following materials:

  • A pinecone

  • Googly eyes

  • Red, yellow and brown craft store feathers

  • Brown, yellow and red construction paper

  • Glue

The first step is to make the turkey’s head. To do this, cut out a piece of the brown paper in an oval shape about an inch a half long and half an inch wide. Then glue the two googly eyes near the top of it. Cut out a small triangle of the yellow paper and attach it in the middle of the oval as a beak, then cut out a small oval from the red paper and glue it onto the side of the beak as the gobbler. Once all the glue has dried, attach the face onto the narrow end of the pine cone.

The next step is to make the backside of the turkey. Glue the feathers to the broad and flat end of the pinecone so that they fan out to shape the turkey’s plume. Once this has dried your turkey is done! If you would like you could also add legs with pipe cleaners, or make more in different colors to create a whole flock of turkeys.

  1. Fall Paper Trees

All you need for this activity is a sheet of brown construction paper, some glue and a poster board. Have your child trace their forearm and spread out hand on the brown construction paper. Then they can cut it out. This will be the tree trunk. The next step is to glue the trunk onto the piece of poster paper, which will be the background. Then you can color in a leaf covered lawn along the bottom of the posterboard, and make a blue sky with some fluffy fall clouds floating through the crisp air. Other fun things to include are animals stocking up on food for their fall hibernation, and anything else you or your child would like. Once the glue has dried and the background is decorated, you and your children can go out for a walk and pick some more of your favorite leaves. Then these can be glued onto the tree to create some brilliantly colored fall foliage. Once everything is dried up, you can hang the poster on a wall, or even just prop it up as a backdrop for the pinecone turkeys!

Taking walks in the crisp fall weather can be great, but eventually it may get chilly and you’ll want to head back inside. With these activities you can go outside to collect beautiful fall leaves, then come back inside and huddle around the fireplace or change your children into a pair of kids footed pajamas so everyone can stay warm and toasty to finish off the projects. This way, even during the bleakest winter months, you will have art themed after the bright and vibrant fall to liven up your home!

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