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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 08:00

Kitchen Renovation Part 1

Back in September, I wrote this post on my dreams for our new kitchen.  In a nutshell, that post includes photos of our kitchen - as it was - as well as my thoughts and dreams about what to do instead.  Some of those thoughts and dreams have changed slightly - some things from necessity, and some because we had a 'better idea'. One week and 5 days ago, my kitchen changed from this:

To this...

And from this (on the other side of the room):

To this...

I didn't think to take a photo of the laminate that was in the kitchen before, but we pulled it up to discover this old linoleum.  We've had a few 'glitches' - to say the least - in this whole project. First, the window, which was supposed to be in on November 1 so that day 1 of the demolition would also include installation of the new window. However, there was something about a glass company strike and we find out the day before the renovation was to begin that our window would be delayed for a month. So, the window has been boarded up and will be installed last - after everything else is (hopefully) already completed. 

The next issue happened when we asked about the pocket door - and could we choose our own design for it? (I wanted frosted glass panels, but not the one that actually says 'pantry') So, our contractor told us to go buy whatever we wanted and he would install it.  Because we needed a 22" door, we had to order it in ($350 door, by the way...) and it wouldn't come in for a number of weeks also. After some searching, we discovered that no one carried 22" doors (24" is the smallest) so we would have to order in from anywhere - and our contractor was needing the door early so he could frame it into the wall.  Anyway, as it turned out it was possible to increase the size of the door opening to 24" and we were able to get an in-stock door (in the style we wanted) for $100. We were also able to cancel our initial door order.  So that one worked out ok.

Now, the boarding has been done...

And most of the electrical, although you can't really see that.

Oh yeah, and where I used to be able to see this wall when standing in the kitchen? (Excuse the packing mess)

Now I see this chaos! Which will hopefully someday just be a normal living room...

So there we are so far. I hate renovating. The mess is atrocious and everything is always lying around because right now nothing seems to have a home. Or, at least, not a home we can get to. 

Sigh. I hope to be done soon. 

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