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Sunday, 24 November 2013 22:11

Audrey's First Birthday Party

Just short of a full month later, here are some of the photos taken at Audrey's first Birthday parties...

First, despite our initial intentions, we bought her a few gifts ourselves and we had her open them at our house on the morning of her birthday, before we left for Party #1. 

Clara got a bit excited about Audrey's gifts, and we had to repeatedly remind her that it was Audrey's birthday, and to let Audrey open her gifts by herself. We did let Clara help every so often when Audrey clearly needed some assistance. 

That evening, we went to Brian's parents house for Audrey's first party.  For a few reasons this year, I asked our Moms if they would be willing to host Birthday parties for Audrey's first birthday this year. We were getting ready for our upcoming renovation, and I just wasn't sure we'd be able to host anything for Audrey in our home. Also, although neither of our families are very large, and we have only a few friends that we insist on inviting to our girls' birthdays, when we collect them all together, it's quite a crowd - larger than any one location can comfortably host. So, our Moms were willing to do this for Audrey for this year. 

Brian's Mom got some cute ideas from Pinterest...

At first, Audrey only picked at her mini-cake, but soon she was grabbing handfuls and stuffing them in her face.  This is her 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing...' look, 

even though she didn't. 

I love all of the gifts she got. We tried to encourage people to not bring gifts for her, and the few items we did get for her were brilliant. The girls have an insane number of toys, and it's almost impossible to think of things that aren't just repititions of gifts they already have, but that classic old telephone is a gem, and the Melissa & Doug condiments kit with matching magnetic lids is a great way for Audrey to practice her coordination and colour matching.  She also got some books, and clothes, and a few other toys that were great compliments to the girls' toy collection. 

My Mom hosted a party for her the next day, and it was time for more cupcakes! 

Clara got a few small gifts at my Mom's party - what are your thoughts on that? Should siblings get small gifts at their siblings parties? I've heard conflicting perspectives on this, and I can agree with both sides of this argument. I don't know if we'll actively try to do either though, so I'm curious to hear other opinions... 

The chocolate icing beard... 

By the end of Day 2, Audrey had mastered the art of opening presents.

We had a great Audrey-focused weekend, and I am so grateful to our families for hosting these parties for us at this time in our lives. I hope that Audrey won't hold it against me for not hosting her parties personally, but I wanted to make sure she got the attention she deserved.  When Clara turned 1, I rediculously overplanned her first Birthday - for Audrey, I underplanned by asking others to do it for me.  I guess that's just life... 

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