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Wednesday, 27 November 2013 13:29

Construction Kids and Living in Chaos

The past month has taught me how beautifully adaptable kids can be.  We have been in the midst of renovation chaos, and the girls have been rolling with the punches. The other day while I was working on something upstairs, Brian was putting together some of the kitchen cabinets in the basement while he was watching the girls. 

They decided to help...

"Here, Clara, I'll hold this together while you attach that thingy-ma-bob"

It's possible they were just playing... When I was about Clara's age, my Dad built the house I grew up in. I distinctly remember coming to the construction site with my blue squeaky rubber hammer and 'helping' to nail in some baseboards. It's funny, because I clearly remember that it was a rubber hammer I was using and yet I believed for years that I had actually helped build that house. It will be interesting to see how Clara remembers this time when she is older. 

My girls are insanely observant. We have known this about Clara for a long time, that we will change one small thing in a room and she will instantly be drawn to that small thing. "What's that?" Recently her Grandparents changed the small rug that they used by the back door for shoes, and the first thing she said when she walked in was "You got a new rug!" We were impressed, because we hadn't noticed the rug at all.  In the past few days, we've noticed that Audrey has this same attention for details.  The progress on our kitchen these past few days have been marked by small changes, and when she enters the room each day, she will immediately point to whatever she notices that is new. This week, the kitchen sink and faucet were one of the changes, and she points immediately to that side of the room, wanting to take a look. 

Tomorrow will mark the end of four full weeks without a proper kitchen. I had hoped everything would be done by November 15 - wishful thinking, I suppose, since half of the project we had to do on our own, and we are not construction workers... this has been slow going. 

Amongst all of this chaos, it has been difficult not to get discouraged. With two little girls who need constant attention, we haven't been able to get much work done very quickly. Even with all of the babysitters we have been recruiting, the extent of our progress has had to happen in 1-2 hour intervals in the evenings and weekends, and sometimes just one of us can work at a time. Also, because so much of the project is done with power tools, we can't do most of it after the girls go to bed at 8.  Did I mention this project was coming along slowly?

This is the chaos as it was yesterday morning...

Last night, however, I put in a couple of hours installing our laminate flooring and although I really only completed a few more feet - I managed to bring it to a point where suddenly the project feels as though it is near completion. Looking back over what we had accomplished so far had me feeling excited instead of discouraged for once. And now I can't wait to continue! Here's a sneak peek at the difference so far:

From this (before the renovation began):

To this (same corner from a different angle):

To this:

It's hard for me to see what the finished product will be in this picture, because I have trouble seeing through mess. I'm so excited to finally be done with this chaos!

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