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Thursday, 02 February 2012 09:22

Emergency Room

We played the over-paranoid first-time-parents last night and took our daughter in to emergency.

She was having trouble breathing (mostly because she refuses to sleep without a soother and her nose was plugged) and started puking up phlegm.  The scary part was after she threw up when she started moaning inconsolably and her eyes seemed to be 'fading' - if that makes any sense at all.  She was probably just tired from puking, and desperately wanting to go back to sleep, but I had fears of her passing out from pain or something like that...

Anyway, we realized that we were acting out a 'better safe than sorry' scenario by taking her in to Emergency but there were no other clinics open at that time of night so it was really our only option. 

She calmed down (and her eyes looked normal again) on the drive to the hospital, so it seemed even more unfounded that we were bringing her in when she started smiling and flirting with the doctors and nurses.  We recognized that being upright definitely helped to clear her airways.  Everyone was very understanding, though, and I'm glad we took her in - otherwise I would have been up all night watching her, I'm sure.

We had a funny little moment while we were waiting for the ER doctor to come around.  She had fallen asleep on the bed in the room we were waiting in (babies seem to get the royal treatment - immediate care, and our own room!), and every time there was a sudden noise like someone coughing in the other room she jumped and all of her limbs spasmed. It occurred to me that because we had trained her so well to sleep alone, I hadn't watched her sleep in a long time... the limb spasming was something she did in utero already, and I felt an odd sort of nostalgia watching her do it now...

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