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Wednesday, 01 January 2014 07:00


Happy New Year, Everyone!

Last year, I set out the following New Year's Resolutions, and this is approximately how that went for me...

1. Spend more daily time with God. I've actually been better with this one, but more recently than earlier in the year - and I had completely forgotten about this resolution. 

2. Don't gain weight. Success again - I seem to be quite thoroughly rooted at my current weight. I had also wanted to possibly lose some of my belly flab, but that didn't happen.

3. Write a novel. That's what I said. I've got 25 pages or so down. Fail.

4. Get out more. Clara's been going to occasional playdates, and was enrolled in gymnastics in September which gets us out every Thursday morning. Clara loves her gymnastics class, and I love socializing with the other Moms. This has been a great thing. 

5. Make more money. I have no idea if I've made more money, and I no longer care. We have more than enough to pay our bills, so seeking anything more than that is not something I'm going to do. I may decide to start making money blogging (I keep saying this...) but I think I've decided to give away anything I would make through blogging anyway, and I've been kind of a flake lately on this blog - which has actually been a nice break.  I appreciate not feeling as though I HAVE to have a blog post up in a certain amount of time. If I feel overwhelmed with life, I don't need to blog and I want to keep it that way and just blog because I want to, and not because I have to. 

So, because writing a list of resolutions is essentially writing a list of things to do in the next year, and I love to make lists, so I'll do it again this year...

1. Prioritize my time with God. Lately, I've been really enjoying my time reading the Bible and God has been teaching me so much. I know that my walk with God ebbs and flows, and it won't always be so easy, but I want to keep my time with God a priority through the following year. No specifics really, just spend time daily with God. 

2. Regarding my health - I need to start making an effort. Drink more water. Get more exercise. Evidently I don't care enough about my 'weight' or what I look like to make a change in my habits, but I'm starting to notice some scary things. If I eat too much sugar at once (about one can of pop), I notice myself feeling an odd sort of shaky - almost sick.  I have diabetes all over my family, and I know I'm at high risk for it. I suspect I'm walking a fine line. Also, for the last few months, I've woken up almost every morning unable to feel my hands because they are completely numb. Bad circulation can lead to heart attacks, etc. and I really don't want to leave my daughters without a Mom until they are at LEAST my age - hopefully much, much older. Many things are out of my control, but I need to start taking better care of myself - if I die of a heart attack or diabetes complications, it could totally be my fault, and I don't want my daughters to think they weren't important enough to me to try.

3. Spend time by myself. Whenever I finally have an hour to spend all alone I don't even know what to do with myself and so the time is usually not very productive. It's happened only once - maybe twice - last year that I was able to escape to a coffee shop to be by myself and spend time blogging, writing, or doing what I wanted to do. This year, I want to get away at least twice a month to spend time doing something that doesn't involve meal planning, house cleaning, or child raising. I need at least a little bit of time for me - to be me. I can work on my novel during these times, but this time - no pressure!

4. Figure out school. I'm on the fence about how to handle my children's education - leaning strongly towards homeschooling. We have so many options here: Public School, Catholic School, Private School, and Homeschooling.  Growing up I really only had one option - living in a small town with a single parent - and I kind of wish my choices were that simple. I've been making all kinds of pro and con lists, and I just keep landing on homeschooling as being the best option for us, and so I need to figure out what this looks like - and start schooling Clara in September. By this time next year, Clara needs to be partway into a preschool curriculum somewhere!

5. Spend one-on-one time with each member of my family. Brian and I talked about having Daddy-daughter and Mommy-daughter date days, and we haven't started doing this, but there's no reason we couldn't. I want to start doing this, as well as making sure that Brian and I find time at least once a month to go out together alone.

Well, that's that. Wish me luck this year. Good luck to all of you on your New Year's Resolutions! 

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