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Friday, 10 January 2014 07:00

Catch the Moment - A 365 Project

I have been following my friend Sarah's (Nurse Loves Farmer) photography link-ups periodically for the past two years - occasionally linking up my own 'Catch the Moment' post. I love the idea behind this, and I love her new project - Catch the Moment 365, which she has created with two other bloggers.

To take a photo each day is a bit daunting for me, and I don't want to be under too much pressure, but I find that when I look through my old photos from the past year that many days are missing - and many moments are lost - because we were busy or distracted by one thing or another. In the month of November we took photos - almost exclusively - of our kitchen renovation, and almost none of our daughters.  So, to honour the purpose of this blog and to attempt to make sure that my daughters don't look back and wonder where months of their lives have gone - I am going to attempt this 365 Project with a few modified rules for myself. 

1. To take photos that tell the story of the day. If I look back at these photos in a year - do they tell me the story of our lives? That's what I want to do.

2. Not to stress too much about taking 1 photo EVERY DAY, but to make sure to get at least 5 significant things documented pictorally from that week.

3. To document my daughters' - particularly their faces - as they grow. This means I'd like at least one close-up of each of them each week.

4. I'd love for my photography skills to improve. I'm working with a Nikon D70S, and I'd love to get better at using it. This, however, isn't my main purpose. If it happens, awesome! If not, I can't stress about it - I tend to overwhelm myself too much as it is...

So, this week, my 5 photos tell this story...

I had purchased a pre-made gingerbread house at Michael's a few weeks before Christmas with the intention of making it on our Christmas Day at home. Haha... maybe if it hadn't taken us until bedtime just to open presents... Anyway, here it is - we made it almost a week into January. 

Bo had to have a little surgery this week. After he went through the wash, we discovered a few filler beads rolling around in the dryer and after searching him quite thoroughly, we discovered that his arm was almost entirely disconnected - the beads must have worked their way from his butt to his shoulder - and he had to be sewn back together. This is Bo's second surgery. In early 2011 I had to sew the seam below his tail together.  I just hope he lasts her childhood...

 The other morning we had waffles. For the first time ever, the  girls shared a taste of the whipped cream on the beater. And yes - they are wearing matching Cinderella T-shirts.

 I feel like this is my life sometimes - I swear this was completely tidy only 10 minutes before this picture was taken. My daughters are tornadoes. 

Audrey is getting quite attached to this panda bear from IKEA. He doesn't have to come everywhere with us - yet - but I'm thinking we should maybe pick up a couple of extras when we go to IKEA again in spring. 

Photos are good. I love looking through old photos - even photos from the past year - and I surprise myself at how much I can forget about the context surrounding a picture. I'm a huge fan of documenting life - journal, and take pictures! 

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