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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 08:15

Minivan vs. SUV

We almost bought a new vehicle on the weekend - almost. Now that we've opened the door to trading in our car, Brian seems unable to think about anything else. Sigh... 

It all began when I started seriously talking about wanting more seating in a vehicle - because as it is, we have no room for anyone but ourselves in our little car.  As it is, WE don't need another vehicle for our daily needs. We can get the four of us where we need to go, and last summer we packed both girls, a stroller and all of our luggage for a 6 day roadtrip. Of course, if the trip had involved camping, there's no way we would have fit any tenting supplies along with what we were already packing. 

As we began discussing a vehicle with more seating, the option of a vehicle that might pull a tent trailer or small camper became part of our criteria also. 

Initially, I was convinced that only a mini-van would provide the seating we required. We need to be able to install 2 carseats in the middle row, and still be able to access the back row without having to take out the carseats all the time.  We casually looked online at a few different minivan options - a 2012 Dodge Caravan was one option. 

Brian was also somewhat interested in the VW Routan (if we had to get a minivan)...

Knowing how much Brian hated the idea of a minivan, I found an SUV that looked as though it MIGHT allow us to install carseats while still giving easy access to the back seat, and so we went to look. As it turned out, the SUV's I had seen had a middle bench that needed to be folded forward in order to access the back seat, and therefore wouldn't work for carseats. 

Then we saw this...

A 2009 Ford Flex with 6 seats - which meant two bucket seats in the middle row, which were quite easy to get around. This thing also had heated seats, all wheel drive, and so much leg room all over the place it felt nearly like a limousine. 

When we got back to the dealer, however, the salesman turned on us - although he had been friendly at first, he became condescending and even rude about the car we currently drove, and so instead of purchasing the Flex, we walked out. 

So, then we returned to the salesman who had worked with us when we purchased our Cobalt, and although he isn't hopeful that we'll find another 6-seater Flex, he will be keeping his eyes open now for a vehicle that fits our criteria. And now that Brian has cars on his brain, I suppose we'll have to buy a new vehicle soon. 

What do you drive? Considering what we need - what would you recommend? Any input would be great here! 

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