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Sunday, 16 February 2014 20:20

Toddler Quotes

Clara is at an age where almost everything that comes out of her mouth is quotable, because she's using words she's never used before daily and she is often using complex words in places they don't belong. She also tends to overuse words that are 'new' to her vocabulary. 

For example, her latest word is 'actually' - and when she says it, it sounds more like 'akshly'. This weekend, she stayed at my Mom's for a couple of nights and I spoke to her on the phone. Her happy babbling sounded something like this: "I watched a movie today akshly, and it akshly had lots of princesses, and I liked all the scary parts akshly!"


Tonight after both girls had been put to bed, but neither girl was yet sleeping, Brian walked in to their room to find Clara not in her bed - but hiding in her tent. As he was guiding her back to her bed, she suddenly burst into tears exclaiming that "All of the Princes died! Now the Princess has no Prince, because all of the Princes are dead!" 

Awhile ago, after Clara had done something that was so very much like something I would do, Brian says "She's your daughter..." to which Clara replies "No! I'm Daddy's daughter! Audrey is HER daughter." I told Clara that they were both my daughters AND Daddy's daughters, but she wouldn't be persuaded. "No! Only Daddy likes me! I don't like Mommy to like me! It makes me scared!" Ok, then. 


One day, as Brian was tickling her, she caught her breath enough to say "This is not a good idea!" Then, after a short break in their playtime, Brian came back to tickle her and she said "Not now, honey."

Both of my daughters love medicine of any kind. When they have been sick, they have always sucked back tylenol like it was candy and lately Clara has woken up every morning begging for her morning vitamin. She says things like "My mouth is sick - I need medicine to feel me better." 

She doesn't quite understand that her morning vitamins have no connection to whether or not she is actually feeling sick, so every morning when she wakes up she gives a few fake coughs and says "I have a cough, Mommy, I need a vitamin to feel me better." (Vitamin is pronounced 'bitamin')


As she grins and slaps her cheeks "I'm popping my face!"


"Bubble Gummies are for poking!" I think this had something to do with the bubble gum toothpaste she was using at her Grandparents, although this was before I had ever heard of 'Bubble Guppies', so it's possible she was also somehow referring to them. 


I bought Clara a beautiful purple sweater dress with sparkly flower decals on it, and Clara refuses to wear it. One day she had this to say in response when I asked her why she didn't like the dress. "Because I was born, and I wanted to go on the slide. I needed to go on the mermaid slide."

Right. Of course. 
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