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Thursday, 06 March 2014 15:00

Valentine's Day

My birthday is the day before Valentine's Day, and growing up I always felt as though the world was decorating itself in pink and red hearts just for me. I think I always knew that wasn't the case, but it still always made me feel all warm inside to see Valentine's decorations popping up in stores as soon as Christmas decorations were put away. It makes the end of the Christmas season a little bit easier to deal with also.

Anyway, aside from Valentine's day being a 'couples' holiday, for me it has always been more about just simply 'love'.  Even as a child, it never occurred to me that it should be reserved for lovers, and so I want my children to love it also. Not that we need another excuse to buy and eat candy, but an excuse to show someone you love them is never a bad thing, is it? Ideally, we would all find opportunities to show people we love them on a daily basis, but realistically speaking - sometimes we need little reminders here and there.

So, on the morning of February 14th in our house, our daughters found two small wrapped packages at their spots at the kitchen table.  I had been shopping around a bookstore the evening prior (I got to leave the house alone on my Birthday - best gift ever) and had picked up a few small gifts for my family. 

For the girls, they each got a small box of chocolates in fun shapes.

They were thrilled.

And my husband got a bit of chocolate also (because he's an extreme chocolate lover), and a book light that he had mentioned needing a few days earlier when he had wanted to read in bed after I had decided to go to sleep. 

Tiny things, but fun to surprise my family with. My 'Love Language' is definitely gifts, which for me doesn't necessarily need to be expensive, elaborate, or even to cost money, but I definitely appreciate little things like this that say 'Hey, I was thinking about you!' and so I try to take opportunities to do this for people around me as well. 

Thinking back (almost a full month) to Valentine's Day - what did you do? Do you love or hate Valentine's day?

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