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Thursday, 13 March 2014 19:13

I Love My Bedroom

This post is not overly fantastic or brilliant, but it excites me. 

Last April, I began utilizing the Fly Lady website (again) to attempt to get my house in some kind of order.  A few months later, I blogged on my progress thus far in addition to giving a sort of 'Fly Lady Report' on some of my thoughts and adaptations to the Fly Lady method. 

Almost a year ago, on our cross-province road trip last summer, Brian and I stopped at IKEA and purchased a new bedding set.  We had stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's home in their beautifully decorated guest room, and stolen their idea for a purple bed spread, white sheets and a white throw  blanket at the foot of the bed. I felt brave - going for white sheets - but I had transitioned to white towels in the bathroom a couple of months earlier and that was going well, so I decided to add more to my white laundry pile.  When we came home, I didn't allow ourselves to do up our beautiful new bed until we had cleaned up our room enough so that the bedding could be the 'final touch' to make our room beautiful. 

Two weeks ago, on my 'Fly Lady' routine, cleaning the Master Bedroom was my focus for the week, and I finally felt comfortable with changing our bedding. This is another place where I wish I'd taken a 'before' photo...

This photo kind of reads like an IKEA advertisement: Bed: IKEA MALM high bed with 4 storage drawers,  IKEA Wall lamps & shades, and throw blanket, although I couldn't locate them on the IKEA website, IKEA LACK wall shelves for bedside tables, IKEA GASPA duvet cover and pillow cases, Sheets from Target and picture frames from Walmart. 

Anyway, I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of my room before - trust me that this is an enormous improvement. Our bedroom is pretty small - I'm standing in the few open feet of space between the foot of the bed and the dresser along the wall. I have a small dressing table in the room as well, but the room is probably too small for this since I have to walk sideways beside it to squeeze through to my side of the bed. 

In regards to a Fly Lady cleaning update, it hasn't really seemed to me that I was really keeping up, but my house is staying relatively clean - or at least capable of being company ready in less than an hour and that includes a fairly high level of clean on all surfaces.  So, despite how I FEEL like I'm doing, my house would indicate that things are going pretty well.

Despite my earlier prediction that I was beginning to really follow a routine, I've found that many of my 'daily tasks' don't get done every day anymore, but maybe on and off over a few days, and some things don't get done until I see that they need doing, although I've developed a pretty sharp eye for these things. 

My bathroom is still almost always in near-perfect condition, although the caulking around the edge of the tub is peeling and so there is a bit of mildew growing around the edges. I plan to fix this over the weekend, and hopefully it won't happen again.  Keeping the kitchen clean is a bit more challenging, but is definitely more fun in the new space, so we're much more on top of that. Also, my bed is consistently made every morning. 

Lately I've been about a load or two behind on laundry, but we've been sick again so I'm going to go ahead and blame that...

I still love the 'baby step' approach that Fly Lady takes - and how things don't pile up. Whatever you don't get done today you don't try to make up for tomorrow (except things that have to work that way like laundry and dishes), you just start over today and try again. Eventually, hopefully, you'll get to everything.  I use this approach with just about everything these days - reading the Bible, parenting, meal planning, etc. Just take each day as it comes.

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