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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 21:46

At Home Photo Shoot

An Aunt recently asked me to send her a family photo of us, and I realized that the most recent photo of our family is probably from last June when we hired someone to photograph our family.  Brian and I are both mildly talented artistically - ok, sure, most of that talented is focused on music, but we flatter ourselves that we can take a decent photo. It was our intention this past Christmas to take some family photos ourselves, but that just didn't happen. We tried once, on the fly when we realized the girls were both dressed up for it, but the house wasn't prepared at all and we didn't really think it through so we didn't end up with anything great from that.

Anyway, I'd like to try a bit harder to get some 'good' pictures of the girls so that the next time an Aunt asks for some photos, I have something a little more recent to give.  A few weeks ago I read a blog post - I hate that this happens, I forget where it was, but I often decide to blog on something weeks after I've read a post so if I inadvertently reference your blog PLEASE let me know so I can credit you! - anyway, the post was on throwing a sheet over something to create a clean background. I believe the post went into some more detail on editing the sheet in Photoshop to get rid of the wrinkles and create basically a 'plain' background. I didn't edit, but I thought the pictures turned out ok. 

Clara loved it, and seemed thrilled to be in the spotlight. 

Unfortunately Audrey was a little bit difficult to persuade. She didn't seem to understand what was going on, or why she needed to stay in one place. 

Things started looking hopeful when she decided to start bugging Clara. I think this was a kiss...

And then somehow this happened... 

I gave up on Audrey and took a few more photos of Clara - who couldn't seem to get enough of this.

Then tried once again with Audrey. At least she doesn't look sad or grouchy in this one, although I'm pretty sure she was...

She insists on walking toward me whenever I try to get a photo - eventually, anyway, it happens every time. 

That was this week - they weren't one photo/day, but I got quite a few good photos on that one day.  I'd love to try this at least monthly - keep up with getting decent photos of the girls as they grow. Some of these I'd frame and hang on the wall - what do you think? 

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