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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 21:23

DIY Korker Bow

My daughters' hair is finally long enough to 'do something with'. Well, nearly, but I've been waiting for over 3 years, so I'm going to do something with it! Anyway, it's nearly impossible to find hair clips that work in my girls' fine hair, and I've found that mini alligator clips with some kind of rubber grip inside is pretty much the only thing that works for them. I've purchased a few sets of clips here and there, but when I decided I really wanted Audrey to have her hair in some kind of clip pretty much constantly, I needed to have every colour imaginable (of course) and I didn't want to spend so much that I would care about losing the odd one.  Audrey has a tendency to pull out her hair clips if it occurs to her that they're there... unfortunately. Anyway, I did some research on cost and decided that buying the materials and making my own was much more cost effective, and while I was at it, I learned how to make Korker bows as well. 

Here is the tutorial I used, although because the materials I had around were slightly different, I found mine looked slightly different also. So, here's what I did: 


- 3 dowels

- 6 clothespins

- 56 inches total of ribbon

- 4" cardboard round

- baking sheet

- ruler

- hot glue gun with glue

- additional alligator clips, or binder clips

I measured out enough ribbon to have 14 pieces that were 4 inches in length each (uncurled), which for a tri-coloured bow was two colours cut to 20 inches each, and one colour cut to 16 inches. I then wrapped each piece around a dowel and clamped the ends with clothespins. In the tutorial I used, it called for narrower doweling than what I used - I think my bows look a bit better, but the curls have a tendency to roll into each other which I think would have been better if the curls had been tighter. Anyway, your call. 


I set the oven to 265 degrees (the tutorial suggested 250, but I increased it by 5 degrees each time I tried until I landed on 265 as my personal preference) and lay the ribbon wrapped dowels on a baking sheet with parchment paper. I don't think the parchment paper would be strictly necessary, but my pans are well seasoned and I wanted to be sure the ribbons didn't make contact with them. 

I let these bake for about 30 minutes - forgot about them once for an additional 20+ minutes, and the turned out ok although it's possible they discoloured slightly so if you're making matching bows make sure to do the ribbons together or don't forget about them! 

 I let them cool as much as possible - I was skeptical of the curl staying, so I did anything I could to make sure the curl 'set' - then I stretched the ribbon straight and cut it into 4 inch pieces. 

Until I had 5 pieces each of two colours and 4 pieces of one colour. 

I didn't take a picture of it, but in later bows, I arranged it in colour groups of 3 Colour A, 3 Colour B, 2 Colour C, 2 A, 2 B, 2 C to keep track of how I wanted to glue the pieces together. I found this arrangement worked best.  I started with the colour I liked best for the 'background', and lay one piece across my homemade 4 inch 'round', using alligator clips to secure the ends. I put a dot of hot glue in the middle of this piece of ribbon and lay another piece across the first. 

 In this bow I started with two each of the first two colours, but as I said earlier, I liked it better when I started with three each of the first two colours and arranged them in 3's instead of 2's like you see here. If that doesn't make sense, please disregard... I may be seriously lacking in sleep. 

 When all the ribbon pieces were glued, I unclipped all of the ends (as quickly as possible - I was paranoid about the curls uncurling). 

And then spent a bit of time seperating all of the curls. Like I said earlier, I think tighter curls would make them less likely to curl into each other. But I like what this looks like! 

I didn't take pictures - or add the instructions for - the alligator bow here, because you could add this korker to a clip or elastic or whatever you'd like, but I glued it onto a mini alligator clip appropriate for my daughters' almost non-existent locks.  


Let me know if I missed anything. Have fun! 

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