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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 18:54

This is Spring?

I'm not one of those people who thinks that 'Global Warming' is some great conspiracy, or a myth.  I understand that data has shown an increase in global temperatures - in general - in our recent history, and I accept that it's a fact - at least on some level.

But when I look out the window - right now, on April 16th at 6:45 in the evening, and it's SNOWING, I gotta wonder how this whole 'Climate Change' thing is really affecting us here in Central Canada. Today it is not warmer than it was last year on this day, and I doubt it has been this cold in mid-April in this area in my lifetime. Looking back at the past 6 years of online data, it appears as though our weather this year is actually record cold. And did I mention it's snowing???

Last week I finally brought the girls out to play in the yard, despite the fact that it's still partially covered in ice.

I recruited Clara to help me throw snow from a shady spot in our yard onto the grass - hopefully it will disappear faster that way?

Clara's winter boots from last year, and her first spring jacket. Audrey will need a new one this year, she's a bit bigger than Clara was then!

 Seriously, this is too much snow for mid-April!!!

I've been feeling quite cabin fevered, and we desperately need to get out of the house. I'm excited for this year - now that Audrey is walking, she can get around the yard by herself and play in the playhouse with her sister. Clara won't be playing alone, and I won't need to try to entertain a stationary baby on the deck.  I'm super excited about how much time we should be able to spend outside! 

I've been spending my days inside trying to keep up with housework, following the news almost obsessively - the situation in the Ukraine as well as the lost Malaysian Airlines MH370 have been keeping me riveted, with thoughts of impending doom occasionally running through my brain - and trying not to go absolutely crazy, but something about feeling trapped inside is messing with my head. 

Audrey is the most easy going child ever, but Clara becomes agitated and 'buzzy' easily and I wish I could just set her loose outside. Soon. Please, God, we need some sun. 

We need some sun. 

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