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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 21:16

Geocaching on Canada Day

I can hear the fireworks starting outside, yet we are staying in on this Canada Day evening. I'm actually not the biggest fan of fireworks (they really all look the same after awhile...) and because it isn't dark until after 10 these days, the works won't start until 10:30 or 11pm - too late for our girls.  So, they are in bed and we will stay home and watch some Veronica Mars (my latest addiction).

Today, however, we had a great day of exploration going Geocaching for the first time.  Brian and I have wanted to do this before, and despite how accessible geocaches are wherever you go, we hadn't tried it yet.  Brian downloaded an app on his phone, since we don't have a GPS specifically, and we wandered downtown searching.  Wandering with the girls was slow going, but since we had no specific agenda, except to enjoy our day outdoors and maybe find some geocaches, it was totally relaxing and fun! 

Our first search led us to a roundabout in the city, and because we really had no idea, Brian and Clara climbed onto the hill and investigated these statues. We probably weren't supposed to be there...

They searched for a few minutes, and then I 'called a friend'. :) A close friend of mine has been geocaching for years - and has gone geocaching all over the world, in fact - and so I gave him a call for some tips. He told us exactly where to go to find this one, and we certainly wouldn't have found it on our own. Part of geocaching is that you are supposed to be sneaky and stealthy so that those who are around - and not geocaching - won't also find the geocache and remove it or tamper with it in any way.  Geocaching with two little girls is probably not the sneakiest way to do it...

And taking a photo like this probably doesn't help... Hopefully we didn't draw too much attention...

My friend gave us tips to find the next geocache as well, explaining what it looked like and then after about 20 minutes when we still couldn't find it, he told me exactly where to find it.  He promised we'd get the 'hang' of it once we'd found a few, and we were definitely excited to continue! 

The girls were tired, though, so we stopped for ice cream by the river and then went home to let Audrey nap and Clara rest for a couple of hours before having supper and then heading out again. 

This time we went to the University - another good place to wander outside.  The first geocache we 'found', although we didn't actually touch it. We saw it, though, which is close enough, right? I pulled a muscle in the process of trying to get it (it involved climbing - I haven't climbed in years!) and Brian's afraid of spiders. True story. We're not exactly weathered outdoorsmen, ok?

Anyway, the University campus was overrun with gophers which gave the girls something to watch for.  This is a lousy, far-away picture, but I had to remember this. They were staring at a gopher hole in the ground that a gopher kept popping his head out of. From where I stood, I could hear them giggling hysterically every time they saw him, and Clara would yell "Beaver!!!" every time he went down again. We told her repeatedly that it wasn't a gopher, but she insisted on calling it a 'beaver', which was incredibly funny. 

Then, after a little while, Audrey started yelling "Puppy!" in between Clara's exclamations of "Beaver". I could have peed, I was laughing so hard. 

We got a lot of walking in, and in the process discovered something semi-active that we can do together as a family. We didn't bring the stroller at all, so both girls had to walk, and only occasionally did we carry one or the other of them. I definitely recommend it, and we will definitely do it again! 

Happy Canada Day, all!

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