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Sunday, 04 March 2012 22:29

Since Our Wedding...

Seven years ago today, I was sitting in class at Bible school scribbling the date repeatedly in my notebook.  Although I was not yet 'officially' engaged, Brian and I had already discussed potential dates for a wedding, and March 4 had been the last lingering thought.  

The professor walked into the room and wished his students a 'Happy Army Day' before beginning the day's lecture.  Really? Army Day? Wha...? 

Oooooh..... groan.

It's ok if it takes you a minute, everyone in class was in stunned silence for a minute too before the groans of acknowledgement sounded. 

Oh well.

I had initially wanted a November or December (Christmas) wedding, and our family had been encouraging us to wait until the following summer so we compromised and chose a day later than Christmas, but still potentially 'wintery' to indulge me.

Six years ago today, there was a wicked blizzard in our city and as a result, many people ended up leaving early and our wedding reception ended with very few people remaining much earlier in the evening than planned.

The snow was exactly what we needed to have the beautiful winter wedding photos that I wanted.





Since that day, we have moved from a smelly apartment building to a rental house to our very own house!  We had a pet lizard (who died) and then a pet cat.  I have gone to business school and we have both attended university.  We have cumulatively worked at over ten jobs, and often we each worked two or three jobs at once.  Four years ago we found our current church family - which is as much like family as any of our 'real' families.  We have been to China.  In 2010 our family grew with our daughter Clara, and this fall we are expecting baby #2! There have been rough times and great times, and I can honestly say that as long as we are solid in our relationship with each other and with God, everything else can come as it may.

I feel so blessed to be with Brian, and to have been able to spend the last six years with him by my side at every step.

So, (because I know he will read this)...

Happy Anniversary, Brian! I love you!

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