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Thursday, 08 March 2012 10:42

Thursday Interview - With My Dad

Last Thursday I interviewed my Grandmother, and after some deliberation I decided that although my goal is to interview 'Moms', the series wouldn't be complete without including all of the 'Moms' in my life - which, for me, happens to include my Father. 

My Dad is in his 50's, and has been involved with raising two children - myself, and my step-brother who is 4 years younger than I and was 4 years old when Dad became his step-dad.


1. Do you remember what was going through your head when you first saw me?

There's my little girl... there's my daughter.

2. In what ways do you think I'm like you?

Lots of ways - musical talent, artistic talent - lots of ways.

3. Do you remember any of the songs you used to sing to me?

Yes, I remember one song - I used to sing you to sleep all the time...

*Dad was unable to recall the name of this particular song, but I remember him singing 'You are my Sunshine' to me as a child.

4. What are (or were) your dreams for me?

I wanted you to be successful always.

5. What were the hardest moments you had when I was growing up?

I don't know... I don't know if I had any hard moments...

6. Do you think it's easier or harder now to be a parent than when I was a child?

No, I think it's the same.

7. What advice would you give me about raising my own kids?

Let them grow up on their own, without telling them who they're supposed to be. 

I won't go into great detail about my relationship with my Dad - you can find more details on my 'About' page, as well as some past blog posts, like 'June 1, 2010' and 'Update'.   His answers here are short, but they mean a lot to me.

Suffice it to say that for the first seven years of my life, it was just 'Dad and me' and so we are extremely close.  In 2010, my Dad began to suffer through a series of spontaneous bleeds in his brain that doctors seemed at a loss to explain.  Since that time, my Dad has struggled to communicate as he once did.  Lately, he finds himself emotionally moved to tears quite easily, and an interview like this brought up many emotional memories for him.  

I am so grateful that he took the time to do this interview with me, and I appreciate that he tried to remember things at a time in his life when remembering is physically not an easy thing for him to do. 

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