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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 09:06

Naming Another Baby...

I realize I'm late for Toddle Along Tuesday, but I'm going to do this post anyway...

When we named Celia (not her real name), I wanted something classic and maybe old-fashioned, but not too trendy.  I adore names like Olivia, Sophia and Emma, but they have become quite common lately, and I didn't want her to be one of six 'Olivia's' in any given class.  This may not be the issue it was when I was a kid with Amanda's and Michael's and Steve's, but it was still something I wanted to avoid.

Years before I was pregnant, I had a pregnant friend who used this method for 'trying out' names on people to see what they thought - because she didn't want to tell people what the baby's name was going to be, she created a list that looked somewhat like this...

1. Michael Adam

2. Adam Michael

3. Mark Adam

4. Mark Jason

5. Jason Mark

(She knew it was a boy)

The idea being that her favourite names were incorporated in this list, or that the single name they had already chosen was included in this list, but they could show the list to people - and get thoughts, opinions, and reactions - without giving away what the name actually was.

When I did this, it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.  Before showing the list, I told people frankly that I liked each and every name on the list - each name had already passed our first 'phase' of name choosing - and that I didn't really want to hear if people liked or disliked the names.  

What I did want to hear was the sort of thing I may have missed in choosing the name...

"Did you know the initials would say... "


"Did you know the name 'Adolf' was once the name of a pretty famous not-so-great guy?"


What I did end up hearing was what everyone's favourite name was on the list - which initially, wasn't the name we had chosen.  I also didn't hear a thing about initials until after Celia was born when at least three people walked in and said "Did you know her initials are..." 


That information would have been nice earlier... not that we really cared, and it certainly wasn't worth changing her name for. 

Anyway, I don't know if we'll do the same with this one. I'm finding it difficult to find names that I like that 'go with' Celia's name, and also names that I like as much as her name... and boys names seem absolutely impossible to me, I can't even think of one!

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