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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 21:11

Potty Pictures

I really fought with whether or not it was 'ok' to post 'potty pictures' of my daughter on the internet - although I am the sort of person who really doesn't worry much about privacy, there's always a chance my children will. Oh well.  They have me for a mother.

This week's 'Tag Along Tuesday' with Growing Up Geeky requested favourite photos - that WE have taken. Not a professional, but in this case, a photo taken by myself.  This was difficult because so many of the best photos of Celia were taken either by my husband or a professional - and I'm really not that great a photographer. 

These photos are my favourite, because I think they are absolutely adorable... starting with the best picture...

These next two I included because although they aren't as good as 'photographs', they are really funny...

She's laughing to herself.

And in this one she looks so engrossed.  I love it.  I' gave her the book because although she easily poops on the potty, she has a little trouble with staying on the potty during the process... and I don't really enjoy cleaning it off the floor, so I was trying to keep her entertained without needing to move.

So, there it is.  I posted potty pics of Celia on the internet.  I hope she doesn't hate me for it.

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