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Sunday, 15 April 2012 22:35

Helicopter Town in Florida?

I just ran across this article about a town in Florida that has banned children under the age of 18 from leaving their homes without adult supervision.  This seems like insanity to me, anyone else?

I had a friend once who commented on how she couldn't let her 9-year-old daughter walk to the park alone because she didn't feel it was safe.  So, she was worried about her daughter getting the amount of exercise she needed based on the fact that my friend didn't have time to take her every day.  I thought this was crazy.  Has our world changed so much since I was a child that a few blocks' walk to the park is considered unsafe? 

Please let me never become that sort of parent...

I may struggle someday with letting my children out of my sight - I am an extremely paranoid person, after all - but I believe in the importance of independence, and my children will never learn how to survive on their own if they are not increasingly 'on their own' as they grow up.  Not that I'll leave them to fend for themselves, but at 9 years old, isn't a walk to the park a good place to start?

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