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Monday, 25 January 2016 22:42

Just Checking In!

Hello Blog, remember me? It has been so long, I actually had to wander the back end of this site - refamiliarizing myself with how this whole thing works! It took me awhile to figure out how to post a photo... 

But here we are!

A close friend who has recently moved to a galaxy far, far away informed me that she misses my blog posts as they are sometimes they only thing she sees from us between visits (we haven't figured out Skype yet... very technologically deficient over here). So, despite the fact that I am still floundering a little to find a direction - in life and on the blog - here is an update post from the past year.

We have no huge changes to report - Brian is still working from home, and that has been fabulous! He wishes sometimes that he had more reason to leave the house sometimes, I'm sure he misses the sun some days, and then he might also have a case for an additional vehicle... I am still teaching piano, and I have more students this year than I recall ever having. Only two days of teaching, though, so my week isn't has hectic as it has sometimes been. We are also still homeschooling...

This year is my second year of 'homeschooling' Clara - I don't know why I put that in quotation marks, except that I still feel a bit like a fraud. She's just barely 5, and I can't even register as a homeschooler in my province for another two years, but homeschooling really is more of a lifestyle than a specific sort of action, and so I suppose our lives do reflect that. I'll try not to use quotation marks in the future...  In regard to our homeschooling, I carried over my intention to homeschool for 'some' time, 3 days each week, and we are still far from what I would call consistent. Clara can read a bit more than she could a year ago - she has been *almost* reading for more than a year, but she hasn't moved into actually reading books on her own yet. I don't want to push her, because she doesn't respond well to that, but it's hard to see her so close, but not quite there... 

We have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia to her before bed each night, and she loves it! Even though there are almost no pictures, and many of the words I'm sure are over her head, she seems to grasp the story and really gets into it. She has no idea of the world that will open up to her when she can read to herself.

Despite our lack of structure in homeschooling, a friend of mine has asked me to speak at the upcoming Homeschool Convention in our province, as a new homeschooler - I probably should be scared, but at this point I'm just thrilled to be asked, and really excited. 

Next year would be Clara's first year of Kindergarten if she were to attend public school (I wave as the Kindergarten registration nights sail past, and we have missed the boat - our committment to homeschooling is seeming more real), and so my expectations of her will vaguely match what her peers are doing every year - adapted to her own strengths and weaknesses. We have been working through Kindergarten curriculum this year, and we will continue that as well as some Grade 1 curriculum starting in fall of next year. Audrey has begun with the same preschool curriculum I used with Clara - and never completely got through. Chance #2.

The girls moved into bunk beds this fall - their mattresses were falling apart, and since they needed to upgrade to twin beds soonish anyway, it didn't make sense to buy new toddler mattresses. The bunk beds were necessary because their room is much too small to accomodate two beds otherwise.  Clara was apprehensive - she seems to dislike change - and so Audrey happily claimed the top bunk. Go figure. I spent weeks scouring the internet for the 'perfect' bedding sets for the two beds, and was totally frustrated by the lack of options unless I wanted to spend more on the bedding than the bunk bed itself, which I didn't, and finally settled for an old blanket we found in a closet and bought a cheap one from Walmart that I really don't like, but it fit our budget for the time. Even sewing my own was going to be completely impossible because of cost. Frustrating.


On a personal note, I have been... good? In some ways really good - I feel like I can see things in my life more clearly than at previous times in my life, if that makes sense. In some ways, I've been really disappointed in myself - I am fighting with my levels of motivation and the fact that I have very little consequences for laziness, and I am often choosing laziness. It mostly shows up as me sleeping in until 10:30 with my children lying beside me watching Netflix on my phone... 

At some point last year, my computer became so slow that one blog post with five photos would take fifteen minutes of waiting for pictures to load, and I lost patience for that. My husband has since built me a faster computer, and although it is no longer portable, I expect I will use it more - and I would like to blog more frequently. Seven months is ridiculous.

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