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Friday, 01 March 2013 10:37

Learning About My Daughters

I have had so many moments in my parenting journey where I've fought and fought with something only to discover I was missing something 'key'.  In a lot of these cases, I realize that I could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I had simply discovered this 'key' thing earlier. Like the time when Clara was only an infant and we tried swaddling and cuddling and rocking her for days and days of fussing and crying only to discover that whas she really wanted was to be put down so she could stretch out!

When Clara was about the same age that Audrey is now, she went through a stage where she became increasingly fussy. I was thrown because she had previously been a rather contented baby, and suddenly she seemed discontent all the time.  It took me a couple of weeks to discover that she was BORED. My baby had grown to the point where sitting in her high chair and watching me rummage around the kitchen was no longer enough for her - she needed more stimulation. 

A few days ago, Audrey started doing the same thing.  Luckily I caught on a little bit quicker this time, and after only a few days of checking her mouth for signs of teeth - I started setting her up with more toys and stimulation. 

What is this, Mum?

It feels nice...

Does it taste yummy...?

This has been a valuable discovery for me, since she is now much more happy sitting in her high chair or bouncy chair for longer periods of time.  She has also finally gotten old enough that she enjoys watching Clara run around and play for longer periods of time.

About Clara, I've discovered that her stubbornness has waned. After weeks of watching way too much TV, and feeling somewhat sick and too lazy and tired to fight this too hard, I tried saying 'No' one day. This was predictably followed by a tantrum, however the tantrum only lasted for a few minutes and then Clara wandered off to play with her toys.  


I actually won an argument with this girl??? 

So, for my own future reference, I've discovered that even if I'm feeling completely exhausted (as I still do, with this not-quite-sick-feeling threatening to last into its third week...), I probably don't need to expect a battle of epic proportions to get Clara to obey.  

These are exciting revelations for me - parenting is, at least in some ways, getting a bit easier for the moment. :)

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:25

Audrey is 4 Months Old!

My baby girl is 4 months old today, and definitely no longer a newborn. A saw a friend's 3-week-old baby yesterday, and although she was no smaller than Audrey was at her age, she made Audrey seem enormous! 

Audrey is still really content, and almost never cries.  When she is discontent or wants something, she will vocalize her displeasure by groaning and grunting and then waiting for a few seconds to give you a chance to respond.  This makes me wonder if she will be a very patient person. :)  She still talks a LOT and it is sometimes difficult for anyone to carry on a conversation around her, because she gets so loud!

Audrey had her first immunizations this month - a bit late.

She still wakes to eat 2-3 times a night, which is disappointing for me, but I haven't been very proactive about trying to stop this. This month we attempted to move Audrey for nights into the room she will be sharing with Clara but I've been sick again, and have been too lazy to make sure she stays there.  We decided a few days into this experiment that we would wait each night for Clara to fall asleep before putting Audrey into her crib, so that hopefully the girls would be less likely to keep each other up.  Clara will at times stay awake until almost midnight, and the last few nights Audrey hasn't ended up in her crib at all.  I really need to get on this, because Audrey is quickly outgrowing her bassinet.

Audrey is still exclusively breastfed, and I plan to continue with this until she is 6 months old.  We started giving Clara rice cereal, etc. at 4 months and looking at Audrey now, I can't believe we did that so young - she seems way too little!  

We also still use disposable diapers at night and when we're lazy going out - OR when I desperately want her to fit into an outfit that she only fits into when she doesn't have the massive cloth diaper butt.


Audrey rolled over three times in a row a few weeks ago, and hasn't rolled over again. Can I still say she can roll over?? She will also move herself around on her back in her crib until her head is on the opposite end of the crib from where I put her.

She can clumsily reach for, and grab objects in front of her.  We will put her in her bouncy seat or play gym with toys dangling in front of her, and she bats at them and sometimes even holds onto them. 

We went for a walk outside, and for a few minutes her face was even uncovered to see the sun - for the first time. It was warm enough that a few seconds of the winter air was fine for her, and although she struggled to keep her eyes open in the sunlight, she seemed to like it. 


There are still a few 0-3 month outfits and items that she fits into - particularly if I put her in disposable diapers, but she's mostly now in 3-6 month clothes. She has outgrown a few sets of socks, it seems - I think her feet might be bigger than Clara's were! 

At her immunizations 2 weeks ago, she was measured at 23 3/4 inches long (40th Percentile) and weighed 13lb 15oz (60th Percentile), which makes her just slightly shorter than average, and just slightly chubbier. I actually think Clara was around the 60th percentile for weight also when she was between 3 and 6 months old, and tapered down to being in the 25th - so Audrey may still be about the same size Clara was.  I think Clara was a bit taller, though, so maybe Audrey will be shorter than Clara??? 


Audrey loves watching her sister play. She's finally gotten to the age where she is quite entertained by just sitting and watching Clara run around. 

She's starting to need her soother to sleep sometimes, or fuss until we bring it to her - so I assume she wants her soother.  I had thought she was going to be a thumb sucker, but that doesn't seem to be happening after all. 

Audrey still loves having her diaper changed. I don't know if it's the direct attention that she loves, or the touching - she seems ticklish - but she laughs and giggles constantly while her diaper is being changed. 

She also still loves being swaddled, and sleeps best when she's tightly wrapped in a blanket. I've realized you can only buy swaddle blanket/sleepers for babies up to 3 or 6 months - should she be growing out of this? Should I be encouraging her to sleep without being swaddled? 

Audrey loves being sung to, which is nice since Clara is old enough to say 'Don't sing' and act embarrassed if I sing around her. :)


Not being able to see the TV when it's on. That picture above? That's her craning her neck to see what's on TV.  Embarrassedly, I must admit that she has watched TV with her sister a few times already... bad Mommy...

She doesn't really like being bathed anymore, which is probably our fault for not bathing her very often... again, bad Mommy...

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Monday, 11 February 2013 11:04

Beginning the Room-Sharing Process

Our house technically has 3 upstairs bedrooms. One is the Master bedroom, the other two were initially smaller bedrooms, but the way our house is situated on the lot means the back bedroom is closest to the garage - so a previous owner chopped a big hole in the wall and put in patio doors so that there was closer access to a backyard deck as well as to the garage.

So, our 3rd bedroom is actually our entrance room now, which really is great because if it weren't, we would have to walk all the way around the house and yard to get to our garage.

Unfortunately, it leaves us with only one small (7 by 10 foot) bedroom for the girls, which they will have to share until we either move out of this house, or until one (or both) of them is brave enough to move into one of our downstairs bedrooms which are a long walk away from our bedroom upstairs. 


Here's the back story:

When Clara was about 6 months old, we moved her from the bassinet in our bedroom to her crib in the other room. By 6 months, this was WAAAY too late for us for a couple of reasons. 1, she was starting to hit the top of the bassinet with her head every time she kicked her feet. 2, As time went on, I became more and more terrified of something happening to her if I moved her across the hall - I was really becoming consumed by terror, and was often unable to sleep at night because of the ridiculous thoughts that constantly haunted me. When we finally moved her into the crib, I slept soundly for the first night in weeks, and I realized that I had been neglecting to 'cut a cord' that needed to be cut (for me) - she was ready and old enough to be distanced a little bit more from me, and I needed to let that happen. 

Audrey's story has been different than Clara's in a lot of ways. Most importantly, Audrey is not yet sleeping through the night where Clara was at about 6 weeks. This meant that Clara was happily sleeping all night long in the bassinet and all we had to change was the location, and the transition was really easy and fast.

This was my plan:

I had hoped to have Audrey sleeping through the night, and in her bassinet, before we tried to move her into Clara's room, but it was starting to look as though this might not happen on its own before Audrey is too big for the bassinet. 

What was happening, I think, was that I had become too lazy to put Audrey back in her bassinet after her first feeding every night because I was only partly awake when I picked her up - I don't have to get up to reach her in the bassinet. Then, she would sleep in our bed and 'snack' all night long. We used the Baby Wise method with Clara, and if what they say is true (it all worked well for Clara), then Audrey will be less likely to sleep through the night if she isn't getting 'full' feedings and becomes used to 'snacking' at night. This makes sense to me, and the only reason I haven't tried harder to fix this situation is truly laziness on my part - because I really appreciated how everything went with Clara.  I won't lie, I also like the cuddle time with Audrey - Clara wasn't really a fan of cuddling... 

So I hoped that if I had to actually get up to feed Audrey, maybe I wouldn't be too asleep to put her back in her crib and after awhile her eating would regulate and maybe she would even start sleeping through the night sooner.  Since this wasn't happening with her sleeping in our room, I figured we might as well move her straight to her crib and start getting both girls used to the new sleeping arrangment.

We started on Friday night.

Friday evening started with a couple hours of back-and-forth between the girls: Audrey would fuss and wake Clara, then Clara would fuss or talk or yell and wake Audrey, etc. Finally we brought Audrey downstairs with us where we were watching the movie 'Hugo' to wait for Clara to fall asleep properly, and fed Audrey for the last time around 10:30.  Then she slept in her crib until about 2, and at that point I just brought her into bed with us and fell asleep.

Saturday night was really good -  both girls fell asleep shortly after 8pm and Audrey slept until midnight when she woke up hungry. After feeding her, I put her back into her crib and she slept again until about 3:30.  Then I fell asleep feeding her and she was in our bed for the rest of the night.

Last night wasn't so great again - the girls took turns keeping each other up until we brough Audrey downstairs to give Clara some peace. Then we put Audrey in the crib at about 11, but when she started fussing shortly after midnight, she ended up in our bed for the rest of the night.

I had taken the opportunity to clean the bassinet bedding with Audrey moving to the crib, and it's still kind of disassembled. I was hoping it would motivate me to keep up with moving Audrey into the crib, but it might actually mean she's spending more time in our bed.  Possibly a backwards move???

Has anyone else had to move an infant into a toddler's bedroom for nights? What age did you do it, and how did it work? Any advice?

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Sunday, 03 February 2013 11:11

Audrey is 3 Months Old!

Audrey has been 3 months old for almost a week now, and I've forgotten to do her 3 Month Update.

This month began with Audrey getting sick, which was terrifying for me.  We took her to the doctor twice - she was throwing up and stopped nursing for about a day, which freaked me out.  She bounced back, though, and never seemed to stop gaining weight. 

Audrey is such a happy baby - I keep commenting on how she seems happier than Clara was, but Brian is sure I've just forgotten. :) Audrey has become talkative also, and is almost constantly baby-talking, and LOUDLY, as if she's trying to compete with her big sister already.  She doesn't giggle at the same things that made Clara giggle as a baby, but she's extremely ticklish, which Clara never really has been. Audrey giggles and laughs every time she's being changed, and I think it's because she loves the physical contact.

She loves this weird game I play with her, where I pretend I can't see her and say 'Where's the baby? Where's the baby?' as my eyes dart back and forth around her, and then I look her in the eye and exclaim 'There's the baby!'.  She giggles histerically throughout this strange sequence. 

Audrey loves watching the mobile in her crib, which Clara wasn't as interested in. Actually, Audrey's eyes focus on toys and things dangling in front of her much more intently than Clara did in general. I wonder if this means her attention span will be longer...? Let's hope so...

Audrey also seems to love listening to music, and is calmed by the sound of the piano playing. She sleeps pretty well at night now, but seems to have this sixth sense to know if we're trying to watch a movie downstairs - because she will fuss and cry through it until we either pick her up and take her downstairs, or give up on the movie and just go to bed.

She still is not sleeping through the night (Clara did at 7 weeks, so we were hoping), and I think this is at least partially our own fault - although we have had a couple of 5-6 hour stretches in the past couple of weeks.  I'm still not impressed. We were hoping to wait until she was sleeping through the night before we moved her into the crib in the girls' bedroom, but we may have to move her before that happens and just simply see how it goes. It might mean Clara is awakened a few times each night for the first little while, but it may be necessary since Audrey is quickly outgrowing her bassinette. 


We are still occasionally using disposables for night, as well as to go out - sometimes I do this only so she can wear an outfit that is too small for her with cloth diapers, but fits over disposables - I'll be sad to say goodbye to some of her clothes! Speaking of diapers, check out my Green Line Diaper Review and Giveaway! 

I - again - have no idea how heavy she is... when she was sick earlier this month the doctor weighed her at I believe 12 pounds 13 ounces, and she seems enormous to me.  Although if she's wearing a disposable, she still can fit into some of her 0-3 month clothes, so I suppose she's only slightly larger than Clara was at 3 months.  

Still doesn't breastfeed very well, and seems to not eat very much - but since she's growing so well, I guess I'm not concerned. I think I forgot about the suggestions from the lactaction consultant... I never did start expressing breastmilk, but things seem to have improved anyway.  Maybe Audrey's just figuring things out. 

Here are some cute and funny Audrey pics from January...

Watching TV with Big Sissy.

I see curls, does anyone else see curls???

Brian put her in Clara's backpack and was hopping her around on the floor like some kind of Mario character... it was pretty funny. 

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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 13:35

Life With a Sick Baby is No Fun!

The last six days or so have been a little bit fuzzy for me - probably because I slept through a few of them, while I was refusing to leave Audrey's side but wanted her to sleep as much as possible. I wasn't feeling very well either.  Actually, the only person in our house who seems to have completely avoided getting sick is Clara. She must have some kind of mutant immuno-genes. 

We took Audrey to the doctor on Saturday because she is a 2-month-old and was vomiting everything she ate, and after about a day of that she gave up nursing entirely which really freaked me out.  She never lost 'focus' - she still looked us in the eye, and didn't seem delirious or anything - but she stopped smiling and instead of crying would do this quiet kind of moaning.  By the time we took her to the doctor I had already changed one or two completely empty diapers because nothing was getting through her. Her tempurature at the doctors was 39 degrees F, or 102 degrees C.  

The doctor walked into the room (on Saturday) and said "This looks like a classic case of parental neglect"

Seriously, he said that. 

If I hadn't been so worried about Audrey, I would have burst out laughing because I really thought that was funny - but it occurred to me later that he should probably be careful who he says that to - not everyone can take that kind of joke.

ANYWAY, he was really great and gave us some really good advice (I think).  He said that her colour and 'elasticity' were still good so she wasn't yet dehydrated, but that babies can go downhill very quickly and we should pay close attention. He gave us (for free!) some baby Advil to bring her fever down, and suggested we do everything we could to hydrate her as much as possible, including using a syringe or dropper to get water down her throat if everything else makes her vomit. He also said to put a drop of breastmilk in each of her nostrils to clear them out - has anyone else ever heard that before? 

After the appointment, she started getting better quickly.  I gave her Advil (which immediately made her vomit) and prayed that some of it was still ingested so that her fever could go down, and it must have because after a few hours she started drinking milk again.  She still puked up every second or third feed, but at least she seemed to be keeping something down.  It took another 12 hours or so for her diapers to start filling up again.

One of her diapers had a greyish black streak in it - I couldn't tell if it was in her pee or the colour of her poop, has anyone else ever experienced this? One friend suggested it was old blood from something internal that had probably healed already if I wasn't seeing any red blood.  It didn't happen again, so I guess I shouldn't worry?

I took her back to the doctor again today, and had to wait two hours to be told that 'she's getting better'. I knew that, I just wanted to check in about her cough because it got worse after her fever and vomiting got better, and I just wanted to make sure there was nothing to worry about.  She's only two months old, after all! You're always stuck with a different random doctor when you go to a 'walk in', and the doctor today wasn't nearly as good (IMHO) as the doctor on Saturday.  I started telling her about the cough and the black streak in Audrey's diaper, and the doctor turned to me and asked:

"So, what is your immediate concern TODAY?"

What? Shouldn't I tell you all the symptoms in case they give you a clue to something I should know about? Anyway, I repeated everything I had said and she seemed to take it all into consideration.  

At least she was able to listen to Audrey's chest and tell me that her cough was not in her chest - that's a good sign.  She also said that a cough that lasts quite a few days after a viral infection is normal and not to worry about that.

Clara was never sick this young, so I wasn't sure what I should or shouldn't be worried about.  Clara has hardly been sick at all, as it happens.  I hope Audrey will be the same.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 11:56

Audrey's 2 Month Update

Audrey was 2 Months old on December 26th, but we were quite busy with Christmas gatherings at that time, so this is a bit late.   Audrey is 2 months old! She is no longer a 'newborn' which is a little bit difficult for me to palate.

Since last month, Audrey's fussiness has gotten better.  Now, we usually just get a couple of hours each evening where she is somewhat difficult to settle.  It's not really bad, but since it almost always falls at exactly the time we are crawling into bed, it's a bit annoying.  Still WAY better than the colick we dealt with when Clara was a baby.  Although at this age, Clara was already sleeping through the night and we are waiting for Audrey to start sleeping through the night also to put her into her crib in their room.  Clara only fit in the bassinette until she was barely 6 months old, and Audrey is so far way chubbier than Clara was at this age, so time is ticking!

Audrey seems to be a really happy baby for the most part, and it's getting easier and easier to get smiles and giggles out of her.  I decided this is the most fun baby stage for me - she's still tiny enough to be completely dependent, but she's old enough to really start responding to us.  

Audrey is still in disposable diapers for night, but we've switched completely during the day - even for going out - yay! We are currently using two different kinds of diapers - Charlie Bananas, and Green Lines - I love both of these because they both are adjustable in the legs.  We've finally figured out how to stuff her diapers to make sure they contain her pee - and so far that's working great!

We left both girls with a babysitter for the first time about a week ago so Brian and I could use a gift card that we had gotten when Audrey was born.  It was so nice to get out of the house! I had tried bottle feeding a bit with her, and it had worked ok so we left a bottle with the babysitter and she told us Audrey drank tons which was so exciting!

I don't know how much she weighs right now, but at 6 weeks she was nearly 11 pounds, and everyone keeps commenting on how big she is. I have been regularly pulling too-small sleepers out of her drawer and storing them for a friend. Audrey is definitely not lacking in nourishment! 

Which brings me to my only concern about her right now, which is her breastfeeding.  She has never latched well, which I knew from the start, but it never really hurt and she was obviously gaining weight (which she still is), but her nursing habits seem to have gotten worse.  She has taken a bottle on and off, but she usually refuses to take it from me, and when she does she will glug-glug-glug until her eyes bulge out and she seems to not be able to breathe.  I will take the bottle away so she can catch her breath, and then it takes her awhile to start drinking again.  When I breastfeed, she makes a 'clucking' sound - not always, but sometimes - and will frequently just 'let go', or seem to be trying to push the nipple out of her mouth with her tongue.  I have no idea what's going on! 

I called a lactation consultant this morning and she gave me a number of suggestions, one of which was that maybe I had too much milk and it was coming to quickly for Audrey.  This would explain why she will let go and refuse to take more.  She told me to try expressing a bit before feeding Audrey to see if that helps.  I haven't tried that yet, but we will see!

Audrey still loves being held and swaddled, but she is getting better at sleeping on her own in her crib or bassinette.  I have started putting her down to nap after she has been awake for about an hour, and now she will usually fall asleep on her own.  This took a few days of trying, but it's finally working, and her night-time sleep habits are improving also! Hopefully by next month, we'll be able to start thinking about moving her into her crib for nights! 

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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 08:49

Audrey Smiles!

Audrey has been smiling in her sleep almost since the day she was born - maybe even since then.  I've always hated the statement 'oh, it's just gas' because even gas smiles are STILL smiles!

Anyway, a few days ago Brian was able to get some smiles out of her in response to some goofy faces, and other dad-style attention.  In this case, dad-style attention involves holding Audrey's elbows and flopping her arms around, or holding her legs and lifting her repeatedly off the bed causing her butt to thump-thump-thump on the bed.  He will also (when she is on a bed) place his hands on either side of her torso and bounce her up and down.  Sometimes he hits the threshold for me of 'isn't that a bit too rough?', but I can't deny that she loves it.

That was about three days ago, and this morning I put her in her high chair and got this:I took a few really quick pictures with my cell phone, because I didn't want to miss it.  First smiles caught on camera!!!

It pretty much made my morning.

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Sunday, 02 December 2012 12:05

Choosing a Sponsor

I was raised in a Protestant environment, so I do not profess to know anything about Catholic traditions. However, when I was a child I had a number of Catholic friends through whom I was introduced to the concept of 'Godparents'.  My understanding of these Godparents was that they were to be a lifelong relationship to the child as the child grows.  I understand that it is also faith-based, and the Godparents are chosen to help parents raise their children in their faith community and to teach them about their religious beliefs.  

I have always thought this was a really neat thing, especially after witnessing my friends' relationships with their Godparents and one friend even becoming a Godparent as a teenager.  Again, we are not Catholic, but I wanted to designate a similar sort of person - particularly where the Spiritual aspects are concerned - for my children also.

There was a period of my life where a woman in my life unwittingly became this person for me, and I don't know where I would be without her love for me, and guidance at that time.  I know that you can't force these kinds of relationships, but I also know that I was extremely blessed to have had her in my life, and I wanted to make sure that my children would have someone in their lives who COULD be this person for them.  I hope they never need it like I did, but if they do - I wanted someone to be willing to be there for them, because let's face it, when you're going through something rough you don't always want to talk to your parents about it.

When we chose this person for Clara - we weren't sure what exactly to call this relationship, a 'sponsor', a 'buddy', an 'honourary big sister' - we considered a number of different things.  The person we finally chose had all of this going for her:

  • Her spiritual beliefs we knew to be similar to ours, and she was someone who was active in our spiritual community. As Christians, we wanted someone who would be able to help us teach Clara about our faith in Jesus Christ, and to be an example of someone who was actively living for Him.
  • She was young enough to probably always be considered 'cooler' than we are, as well as energetic enough to keep up with and play with Clara as she grows. 
  • She possesses talents and strengths that we value - like being musical and artistic - as well as some strengths we lack - such as athleticism and an outgoing personality, so that Clara has an opportunity to potentially 'inherit' these strengths despite our shortcomings.
  • She had already demonstrated an interest in children, as well as a specific interest in Clara.  She had already proven to us that she will take the initiative to spend time with and get to know Clara.

I discussed all of this with my pastor when we made this decision, and because I wanted to include this person in our daughter's dedication ceremony at church, he asked me to create a written document to outline what this particular relationship would mean and what we expected from it.  I also included a list of things that this relationship might include over the years:

  • Regular meetings or get-togethers, times for them to play together, hang out and get to know each other better
  • Possibly being considered part of the extended family - invitations to special events such as Birthday parties and recitals, etc.
  • In case of the relationship becoming long-distance, regular communication including letters, cards and phone calls

Before Audrey was born, we started thinking about who this person would be for her.  We had two people chosen - male and female, depending on what the baby turned out to be.  When we found out we were having a girl, we approached another friend to again fill this role for our child.  She accepted, thankfully.  This new person also has all of the qualities listed above, as well as (this part just happened to be the case) being the younger of two extremely close sisters.  I'm excited to see Audrey's relationship with this girl grow - and I hope that someday Audrey's friendship with Clara is as close as my friends' is with her sister.

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Monday, 26 November 2012 12:09

Audrey is One Month Old!

I can't believe my baby is one month old already! Since I'm feeling (at this point) as though two kids is perfect for us, I am trying to relish each moment with Audrey and it's a little bit sad to think that I may never have another less-than-one-month-old baby again. 

For Audrey's first few days, she seemed to be the 'perfect' baby - she slept beautifully, cried rarely and nursed beautifully (for a newborn).  Since then she has changed quite a bit; she has gotten more fussy and cries a lot more often, and her skills at nursing have not improved and I think they have gotten worse. At first she woke up once in the night, and now she wakes up about 2-4 times. 

She was diapered in disposables at first, and we have been trying the cloth diapers every week or so to see if she had 'chubbed up' enough to not have leaking through the leg holes.  I tried cloth again this morning, and I think it may finally be time to switch completely to cloth!  She's an extremely heavy wetter though, and this morning she soaked herself - right through the entire diaper, onesie and sleeper.  Might have to add some extra stuffing to her diapers...

She's given us a few smiles, but they're still not frequent and she doesn't give them away easily! :)

At her 2 week appointment she was 8 pounds and 14 ounces, which is over a pound heavier than she was at birth.  I'm guessing her to be around 10 pounds now, because she's definitely growing fast! Although most socks and shoes still don't stay on her feet, she is starting to outgrow her newborn outfits, and fits into her 1-3 month outfits quite perfectly.  Clara fit 1-3 month clothes for at least 4 months, but I'm guessing we won't have that long with Audrey.  I'll be sad to say goodbye to some of her beautiful clothes!!

Audrey LOVES to be held, and would prefer to be held constantly.  We usually just pick her up to keep her happy, but this is starting to bite us back because she is actually getting fussier and fussier and less ok with being put down EVER.  A few days ago we put her down for her first nap in her crib, which she will sleep in as soon as she's sleeping somewhat consistently and we don't have to worry about her waking Clara too often.

Here are some photos of Audrey over the past month:

Less than one day old - in the hospital

Audrey - 1 week

2 Weeks

Two days less than one month old

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 09:37

The Bond Between Sisters

Calling all sisters of sisters! I need your input...

Watching my daughters interact - or, realistically, watching Clara continuously get in Audrey's face - has made me wonder about the nature of their relationship.  My sibling relationships were either distant, or began later in life and so I never felt what I would call a 'bond' between myself and my siblings.  I have heard of such a thing, however, and I wonder where it comes from and when it begins.

As we watch Clara become increasingly obsessed with her sister, we find ourselves in awe of her devotion and wondering 'Why?'.

So far Audrey has barely hinted at a reaction to Clara, and is certainly not able to 'play' in any way, and yet Clara is enamored with her.  If Audrey is crying, Clara will tell us and ask us to pick Audrey up. 

This morning Audrey and Clara were both on our bed, and Clara lay down right next to Audrey with their faces millimeters away from each other and 'baby talked' to her in the high-pitched voice she uses when she is talking to or about Audrey.

I'm curious - what is this 'Bond between Sisters'? Does it begin this young? Do they have a 'sixth sense' about each other, or could they?

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