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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 11:14

Big Sister Clara

When I first started thinking ahead to when my second baby would be born, and realized that my first baby would still be less than 2 years old at that time, I started planning how to make this transition for Clara as easy as possible.

First, we planned some of her big 'changes' to be as far away from the time of Audrey's birth as we could. 

We introduced the toddler bed to Clara's room in August - which we felt was still a bit young for Clara, but she needed to move before Audrey needed it and we thought it would be easiest to have it available to her before she was even aware of another baby. This one was easy - Clara was so excited to have the toddler bed, that she moved into it the night we moved it in and has never looked back to her crib.

We weren't thinking about potty training until Clara started having tantrums  while changing her diapers and WANTED to start using the potty, so we got that (mostly) done ahead of time also.

We would like to wean her from her soother (or, 'gummy' as she calls it for a reason unknown to us) in the not-too-distant-future, but we plan to wait on that now until at least after Christmas.

Other than that, the biggest thing I did to (try to) prepare Clara was to talk about the baby. She moved into a toddler bed, and I would mention occasionally how 'the baby' would sleep in the crib.  I would tell her there was a baby in my belly, and if we ever saw a newborn out in 'the real world' (a place I don't venture to often) I would remind her of the baby in my belly and tell her that baby was going to come out soon.  She seemed to 'get' this on some level, and even started hugging and kissing my belly, which was adorable.  We also had a book we read to Clara often (and she became quite obsessed with it), that talked about a little girl who's mother left her house for a couple of days and returned with a baby - I would read it to her and draw all of the parallels I could find.

Clara and Audrey's First Meeting

Then I planned for the introduction itself. Clara was used to staying over night with her Grandparents by now, so I didn't worry about this being stressful for her.

I was determined, however, that Clara was to be the FIRST visitor at the hospital to see her new baby sister. Brian's parents brought her to the hospital, and then they waited for about half an hour to give us a chance to introduce the girls.

I made a point of repeatedly telling Clara that the baby in my belly was Audrey, and now she's out - I have no idea if she understands, but it's worth a try, right?

Clara was so excited to see Audrey. Her voice has developed into the highest possible human registers (sometimes I'm sure only dogs can hear her), and she squealed 'BABY!' repeatedly to anyone around. She will also announce 'Tha's Audjee' to new visitors.

When we got home from the hospital, we sent Clara with Brian's parents again to meet us there.  Brian and I stopped for cupcakes on our way for 'Audrey' to bring to her big sister. We brought them in and told Clara 'look what Audrey brought for you', and the first thing Clara did was pick up a cupcake and try to give it to Audrey.

She loved 'holding' Audrey, and will frequently announce 'I 'old 'er' to us and sit down on the couch with her arms outstretched towards Audrey.

She will then lean forward to kiss Audrey, and squeal 'Hey, Babeeee!' (highest possible registers), and occasionally poke her in the eye.

Not to say she hasn't been jealous, because her behaviour since Audrey's birth has been trying at the best of times. Luckily, however, she doesn't seem to have realized that Audrey is the cause of all of the upheaval in our home.  Brian has been home for almost two weeks now, and Clara is loving the attention but it has definitely thrown off her regular schedule. 

Suddenly, she seems hyper-active almost all the time, and has started defying us in ways she never did before.  Putting her to bed at night used to be a breeze - now she will run around the house trying to escape us, saying 'I don't want to nap!'

I have also noticed my feelings toward Clara have changed. I feel awful admitting this, but I'm hoping that maybe it's at least a little bit normal.

Clara is no longer 'my baby', and that place has now been taken by someone else. As a mother, I think my primary response now is to protect 'my baby' above all others (this is my theory about why my feelings toward Clara have changed - I don't know if it's accurate or not).  With Clara's sudden hyper-activity, I perceive her as a potential threat to 'my baby', and I suddenly find myself wary of her.

I still love her to death, but my patience for her is much thinner, and I find myself wanting her to be kept away from me (and Audrey, who is often in my arms).  I realized this change of behaviour (in myself) a couple of days ago, and since then I have made a point of putting Audrey down sometimes so that I can spend time with Clara without worrying about Audrey getting kicked in the head or poked in the eye with a crayon.  This has helped a lot, I think, and gives me a chance to really spend time with Clara - which has been difficult for the last month or so.

How did you (or do you plan to) prepare your children for younger siblings? How did they react? Did you find your feelings toward your older child changing somewhat when younger siblings were born?

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 22:07

It's Halloween?

I woke up this morning feel sick, which was so disappointing because we had a playdate planned for Clara with a friend's kids to play at an indoor playground at a mall in the city.  I decided it was best to stay home, but Brian decided to take Clara out anyway.

In the chaos of planning to have a baby at the end of October, we had completely forgotten that it was Halloween (as had our friend), but they were reminded when they got to the mall and there were children Trick-or-Treating from store to store. Yay for my friend who suggested they pick up some sort of costumes for the kids and let them Trick-or-Treat as well.  I love my husband, but he would never have thought of this...

So they stopped at Shopper's Drug Mart and picked up some cheap 'costumes' for the kids. Clara got a witches hat. And seriously, isn't she adorable in it?I'm glad my little girl got to go Trick-or-Treating, and to have a morning out with her friends. I just wish I was feeling well enough to have joined them!

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Monday, 29 October 2012 21:31

Clara's Christmas Wishlist 2012

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I am so excited for this Christmas.  It will be the first year that Clara really 'gets' what is going on (well, better than last year, anyway...) and unlike the year Clara was born (her birthday is December 11), I will be fully recovered from Audrey's birth and will be able to relax and enjoy our time as a family. 

I have so many ideas for Clara this year, and since her birthday was also a year ago, it has been a long time since her toys have been updated - and she could use a lot of more 'age appropriate' stuff for her.  Here are some of our thoughts...

1. The Mary Poppins and Sound of Music Movie Soundtracks. Clara is in love with these movies lately - especially the music in them, and it would be nice to have something for her to listen to in the car that doesn't drive us crazy :)


2. Play Kitchen. Luckily for us, we don't have to purchase this.  Brian's crafty Mom has elected to turn an old TV stand from his Grandparents into part of a play kitchen.  I think the shape of the stand is something like the one in this photo, although I'm not certain.  I don't know at the moment what her exact plans are - I'm sure the colour scheme will be pink :), but I'm excited for the girls to have a custom made heirloom like this!

3. Melissa & Doug Shopping cart - there are a lot of toy shopping carts, but this one is my favourite. My in-laws have a plastic shopping cart and she loves pushing it around with random items in it. 

4. Melissa & Doug play food - to go with the kitchen set and shopping cart! No specific plans for which sets to get, but I think we'll go with the 'hard' sets, like wooden and plastic instead of felt.  Just because we have a cat, and cat hair sticks to felt and would be harder to keep clean and 'nice looking'...

5. Hello Kitty Bath Robe from Sears. Clara is in love with her last bath robe, which she still puts on occasionally, but the size on it is 12 months, and it's getting harder to pretend it fits her... It seems hard to find bath robes for toddlers, but I finally found a few at Sears and picked up this one to give her for Christmas. We also plan to get a pair of slippers for her to go with the robe.

6. Toy Tea Set. Glass is a little old for Clara at this point, but tin seems like a nice alternative - maybe a bit more special than plastic too.  I found this one just now at Magic Cabin, and thought it was adorable. I might have to order it soon...

7. Calico Critters 'Stuff'.  I credit Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for introducing me to this line of toys.  I have a dollhouse that my Dad built for me when I was a child, and we were never able to find dolls or furniture that fit into it (it's too small for Barbies), but these Critters look just a little smaller than perfect.  This year my dollhouse won't be ready for Christmas, and is probably a bit too 'old' for Clara yet anyway, but by the time it's ready - I would like to have some sort of dolls/accessories for Clara to use in it.  


A few of our other thoughts include some sort of Lego Duplo set, Hot Wheels cars and maybe some sort of track set (although she enjoys 'driving' her trucks through the house on the walls, etc.), a set of toy airplanes (she joined 'the boys' at church one day as they were playing with toy airplanes and she LOVED them!). 

I think I'd also like to get her some sort of tiny wallet to fit into her purse, and get her a gift card for the mall - she loves shopping, and she would be thrilled to have her own 'money' to shop with.  Too young for this? Maybe, but I think she'd love it... and so would I :)

What are your gift ideas for your kids this year?



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Thursday, 25 October 2012 15:35

Who Does Clara Look Like?

Before I get too into this - if you haven't already, visit my Baby Gift Set Giveaway Post to enter to win a custom, handmade set of baby items!

I've been meaning to post on this for awhile, and I guess this baby is giving me lots of time to get all of this done - how nice of her :)

(Cue 'Sarcasm' sign...)

Anyway, as I look over photos of Clara from when she was born, I have trouble deciding if she looks more like me, more like Brian, or in which ways she might look a little bit like both of us.  Some days I see her smile and think - that's all me! And some days I think - she's pure Brian!

What do you think? Here is Clara at approximately 6-7 months old... sort of smiling.

And me, at approximately 6 months old... sort of smiling...

Like my hi-tech 'scanning'? I took pictures of pictures... I was lazy.  And here is a picture of Clara again at the same age, not smiling...

And Brian at the same-ish age, not smiling...

Well, what do you think? Is she more like one of us? A little like both? Not at all like either?

Here are a few photos of her and us as toddlers.

First, Clara with her almost toothless smile :)

Then Brian, with a similarly sized smile, although he is a little older...

And then Clara again, a bit older, with a big cheesy grin. Unfortunately I don't have enough of these grins in photos!

And me - in a classic 80's tub pic - with a similar squinty-eyed grin.  Maybe these pictures are bad examples - I tried to find photos that had similar expressions/poses for comparison. 

What do you all think? I'm excited to post photos of my two girls to see how alike they look, although I may have to wait another week or two for that...

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Monday, 22 October 2012 19:31

Toddler Obsessions

Lately, this has been my daughter's obsession. Mary Poppins.  I find this incredibly impressive, because I wasn't introduced to Mary Poppins until I was around 10 years old, and it had too much black-and-white to hold my attention.  I find it kind of 'grown up' of my not-yet-two-year-old to be so in love with this movie and so able to sit through even the 'dull' black-and-white scenes.

I just want to say that I have developed an interest in it now, and can sit through the black-and-white scenes just fine, thank you very much!

Clara will ask to go downstairs... which is the first clue.  Then she will ask to watch TV. Then, when you ask what she wants to watch, she will begin jumping up and down yelling 'Mary Poppins!'.  Which normally I would translate into 'her language', but it sounds pretty close to 'Mary Poppins' when she says it, so I'll just leave it at that.

Her favourite scene, is the chimney sweep dancing sequence where Bert and his fellow sweeping buddies are dancing around on the rooftops and singing.  I was watching it with her today, and she grabbed the nearest 'broom' she could find (happened to be the leg of a coffee table we had recently taken apart and hadn't yet removed from the room) and began dancing around with it as though it were her broom.

I think someday this girl will want to take some kind of dance lessons...

What are your little ones obsessed with?

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Monday, 15 October 2012 09:16

Toddler Weirdness

It's only 9:15am, and Clara has already done a couple of things that make me surprised at her attitude...

She was eating breakfast (toast with jam), and had eaten about one bite out of a corner piece - leaving at least an inch of bread inside the crust on all sides.  She then asked for 'More bread, please!' which, when she says it, sounds more llike 'Moe... bed... EEEEEZZZZZ!!!' and I told her that she still had lots of bread, and that she needed to eat what she had first.

She then looked me straight in the eye, as she picked up the piece of toast, rotated her arm like a crane until it was directly out to her side, and dropped the piece of toast on the floor.

I just want to note here, that she didn't get any more toast...


She announced she had to go potty, and had her pyjamma pants and panties pulled down around her ankles as she began to waddle toward the bathroom.  When she got to the potty, I helped her remove her (pyjamma) pants but informed her that since her panties were still dry and clean, she didn't need to change them, she just needed to find pants for her.  I left the room as she was on the potty to throw her PJ's in the laundry and find her a pair of pants. 

When I returned, her panties were IN the potty - soaked.

"They're WET!" She announced to me.  Is she clever enough to realize that this means new panties??? she must be...

She also has this new smart-ass-ish way of saying 'YEP!' loudly when we ask her to do something.  "You need to keep your panties dry!" I tell her after this incident. "YEP!" She exclaims - as if to say 'Whatever, Mom!'

I think we're in trouble...

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Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:54

Clara's Birth Story

A close friend has recently informed me that she believes this baby will arrive early - her guess is on or before October 20th.  I really don't feel ready... Thinking about getting ready for another labour and delivery, however, has me remembering all of the details surrounding Clara's birth and wondering how much will be the same and how much will be different.

I remember asking people what it would be like if my water broke, and one thing I heard repeatedly was that 'You'll DEFINITELY know when your water has broken'.  I was told to expect a deluge, basically.  This wasn't the case for me. 

It was a Friday afternoon, December 10, 2010. My due date had been on December 6th, and so I was already 4 days late.  I had an induction scheduled for the following Monday, December 13th, if the baby didn't arrive over the weekend. The date was based on when my doctor was available, I believe, and hadn't been my decision - in case anyone is thinking I was a little bit too induction-happy.  Anyway, Friday afternoon...

I'll go ahead and be graphic, I have no secrets...

Brian was at work, and I had already been at home for a few months - pregnancy having made me much too exhausted to keep working full-time.  I started having to run to the washroom to pee with a sudden amount of liquid that I seemed to be able to control the flow of at least until I was on the toilet, but it still didn't seem quite normal for pee.  It also only came in small amounts.  I called the hospital where I would be heading if I had to go in and just asked if they could explain to me how to tell if my water was 'leaking', or if the baby was just jumping violently on my bladder...  the woman on the phone said the only way to tell - really - was for the hospital to run some tests on the liquid to see what it was.  She said I would have to go in to the hospital.  Sigh.

Brian got home within that half hour, and I had experienced a couple more 'running to the bathroom' incidents. I told him what the nurse had said, and we casually packed up our stuff and started heading to the hospital.  I stacked a couple of beach towels on my seat in case the 'deluge' actually happened, and we started driving - through rush-hour traffic - to the Emergency room.  We had arranged for someone to come and look at our old 2-door car, which we were selling, and I called them to explain that we wouldn't be home because I 'might' be having a baby :), and so we had to arrange for my father in law to go and show the car for us.  I casually made all of these arrangements from the car while we were waiting in traffic.  I also probably called my parents to inform them of what we were doing... just in case.

Honestly, though, I expected it to be a false alarm.  We got to Emergency, I checked in and they gave me a wheelchair and everything - and the whole time I expected that we would find that the baby was simply jumping on my bladder (it had happened to another friend of mine a few weeks earlier), and they would send me home after about 6 hours of waiting.

They strapped me up to monitor the baby... here's an amazing and flattering picture of me waiting for the results...
At some point after this, I got up to go to the washroom, and as I was standing in front of the sink washing my hands, the 'deluge' (or so I thought) came.  Suddenly liquid was splashing down my leg.  I realized at this point that we probably wouldn't be leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms.  It actually struck me as strange and scary that we would never walk into our house again as just 'a couple', but would be a family of 3... I think I had a little cry.

The nurse came back as I was standing by the door of the bathroom, and as she walked in I said 'I think I know the results', and she smiled and nodded.  She informed us that because I couldn't determine when the 'leaking' had begun exactly (it could actually have been more than a day earlier) they would have to induce.  It was about 6 or 7pm by this time, and they said they were just waiting for a labour and delivery room to open up at this time.

At this point we contacted our family members to inform them that we wouldn't be coming home that evening...

By 9pm, we were in a labour and delivery room.  In the meantime, Brian had brought us a bit of a snack from the cafeteria since we hadn't eaten supper, and had gone back to the car to get all of our bags, etc.   They started a pitocin drip at exactly 9pm, and we spent the next three hours waiting.  They kept checking me, and I think I remained at about 5-6cm dilated during this time, and no contractions started.  Until this point, I still had no idea what a contraction would feel like. 

By midnight, when still nothing had happened, the... doctor? nurse? resident? some woman off the street? she was nice, anyway... came in and 'finished breaking my water' (whatever that means).  THEN the deluge happened.  A waterfall erupted from my body like I had no idea was possible.  This was when the pain started.  It happened in waves, and I was trying to reconcile what I had heard about contractions with what I was feeling, but it just felt so different than I had ever heard it explained.  The only thing I really remember is that the pain was indistinct - it wasn't located in a specific place, but seemed to wash over my entire body. 

At about 1:30, I had an epidural. I don't remember this hurting at all, but in comparison to the labour pain it really didn't bother me.  I was told it would probably take between 5 and 20 minutes to take effect.  I watched the clock closely for 20 minutes to pass and was extremely disappointed when after 20 minutes I had noticed no change in the level of pain. 

The hospital had a jacuzzi bath for labour, and I spent some time in one of these while I was waiting for the baby to lower - she was still too high in my body because I was unable to relax.  I didn't find it overly relaxing...

After about four hours, I was given another epidural since I was still clearly not relaxing and the baby wasn't lowering at all. 

The doctor was in and out of the room, checking in with the resident and nurses.  I was told later that there were about 30 babies born in that hospital that night - and our hospital really doesn't have that many resources. I finally dilated to 10cm (I think...), and the doctor came in at around 6:15 and said we would start pushing at 6:30.  At exactly 6:30am, the doctor rushed back into the room (didn't say a single word to me, my husband noted afterward), and the nurses guided me to start pushing. 

First, I pooped on the table. It happens, just gotta say. The nurses were wonderful and didn't say a word...

The doctor pulled out a scissors and gave me an episiotome. She then reached for the vacuum and shoved it in to make contact with the baby's head.  The vacuum going in hurt like crazy...

I remember at some point during labour feeling as though I would never, never again have a baby.  Any future children would have to be adopted, because I was not going to willingly subject myself to this sort of pain ever again.

Then, at 6:35am (seriously, all of this only happened in 5 minutes) out came a baby.  The doctors put her on my belly, and I remember trying to see past the umbilical cord to see what 'it' was.  I finally asked, and the nurse told Brian to tell me.  "It's a girl" he pretty much squeaked.  Brian cut the umbilical cord, and the nurses took her to weigh her, etc. The doctor had already disappeared at this point.

This was the first picture taken of my baby girl.  I remember watching this happen and thinking 'That wasn't really so bad... I could do that again...'.  I could literally feel the brainwashing happen...

I don't remember when she started crying, but I do remember being surprised that she didn't cry longer.

It was important to me that Brian hold her before I did.  I had spent months feeling her move inside me, and I wanted to give them a few minutes together before I took her back.  I don't know how long he held her, but she was the first infant he had ever held, and just as he predicted - it wasn't at all scary for him because it was his own child.

Shortly after the nurses handed her to Brian, she stopped crying and seemed absolutely fascinated by the world around her.  Her eyes were huge, and she seemed to just want to take everything in.  I had heard it said that birth is a traumatic experience for babies - if it is, I think they forget it in minutes, because only a few minutes later Clara was certainly not showing any signs of trauma - just fascination.

We had initially decided on 'Gwyneth Elena' as a girls' name, but after she was born I confessed to Brian that I was having second thoughts about it... he said he was feeling the same way.  We had created a list of five names to show people (so that we could get opinions without giving away our final choice), and I asked Brian what his 'second' choice would be - and he said 'Clara Faith', which was exactly the name I was thinking of also. 

I called my parents - and now I'm glad that my Dad answered, since he won't be able to answer the next phone call - to tell them they had a granddaughter.  Brian called his parents simultaneously to inform them.  Everyone was shocked we had had a girl, since Brian's family is all male going back three generations, and my family is predominantly male also. 

I hope that this time I will be able to go into labour naturally - maybe even feel what a true contraction feels like. I also hope that no induction will be necessary, and no episiotome or vacuum.  Hopefully, but in the end - a healthy baby is what really matters.

I can't believe how close it is!

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 14:18

Naptime Shenanigans

On Tuesday, I mentioned my daughter's naptime adventures and how she takes a long time to fall asleep, which sometimes gives her time to get into things.  The other day, we came into her room to see this. 

What you are seeing, are two rolls of disposable diaper liners that I actually forgot we had because I had purchased a collection of used cloth diapers and the person selling had included these.  As it turned out, we never really used them and they have been sitting in Clara's dresser drawer ever since.  She found them for us. 

And then stuffed some in her ear... this is a cheese-ball grin.  Evidently she completely understands how ridiculously silly she is being...

Then, the very next day when she was again supposed to be napping, I poked my head into her room to see her innocently lying on her bed with her stuffies.  Luckily I decided to sneak in and make sure she was still dry and had not wet the bed, because when I came closer to her, I saw this...

Diaper rash cream.  We have a small stash of it sitting on top of her dresser in a place where (I thought) she could not reach it.  Evidently I was wrong...

There was diaper rash cream all over poor Bo, on Clara's pillow, on the floor of her bedroom and all over the dresser itself.  Luckily everything was washable, and we have a back-up Bo for when one of them needs to go through the wash.  I still had to scrub this Bo with dishsoap to try to get as much of the greasiness off as I could.


Anyone else experience crazy when your child should be napping?

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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 08:22

Laundry Parties

Ever since Clara was agile enough to move around on her own, and stretch her long monkey-arms through the crib rails, she has taken a looong time to fall asleep.  This is one of those funny things that I remember from my childhood - it always took me an hour or more to fall asleep and I learned young to read to myself to keep myself occupied during that time.  It didn't occur to me that this pattern could begin as an infant already.

We would put her down for a nap, and then hear her laughing and talking to herself for up to an hour before she was finally quiet.  Sometimes, if we came in to see what was going on, we would find something like this...

This is a pretty mild case - there were times you couldn't see the crib mattress through all of the laundry she had pulled from her basket into her bed.

I was pretty aware that when we moved her to a toddler bed, the same sort of thing would keep happening.  We now keep her dirty laundry basket in the closet and so far she can't open that.  I also move all toys that aren't stuffed out of her room for naps and night time, but stuffy and laundry parties still occur.  The other day I put her in her room for a nap, and came back later to find this:

Luckily this is clean clothes now, that she pulls out of her drawers, but for some reason this is one of the greatest things to do in your free time ever.  Pull clothes out of drawers and party! She will almost always fall asleep after 30-60 minutes of bedroom play-time, and she is usually really happy to be in there, so we just let her continue with her naptime/laundry parties.

I can't wait to see, though, how her baby sister will react to this, or if we'll have to have the baby nap in another room :)

Is this normal? Do other children play with their laundry and clothing?? What strange things do your babies and toddlers get into?

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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:07

Parent of the Year...

I was just having a conversation with my cousin on Facebook...

Cousin: What's Clara doing?

Me: Playing in her room with the lights off, and the door closed.

Cousin: And the Parenting of the Year Award goes too...

Me: Hey! In my defense, I was sure she was sleepy!

Cousin: YOU!!!

Me: She was lying on the kitchen floor with a bear under her head as a pillow!

Anyway, it's funny because I think it does sound pretty extreme, I guess. She WAS lying on the kitchen floor with one pink Bo on her nose, soother (or 'gummy' as she calls it) in her mouth, and her other pink Bo under her head as a pillow.  She was also getting irritatingly cranky and fussing about everything.  But, when I put her in her bed, does she go to sleep? No, and I didn't really think she would - but she's happy! She is probably playing with her stuffed animals, or her clothes, or maybe reading a book that she stashed earlier under her bed...

I think my kid is weird.

She has often dismayed me by being exactly the opposite of what people would tell me 'babies are'.  When she was an infant - she actually preferred NOT to be held and cuddled, and she's still this way.  When she was colicky I would try for hours to rock and cuddle and sooth and swaddle in every way suggested everywhere I could find, and after weeks of this, one day I became frustrated and simply put her down on a hard surface and walked away.  I just needed a bit of space from this inconsolable crying thing... and what did she do? She calmed down, almost instantly.  I was shocked.  I went back to her, and suddenly she would smile and giggle at me - she just wanted me to let go of her! Seriously, kid?? From then on I knew that if she was crying for seemingly no reason, the first thing to try would be to set her down somewhere she could lie and kick her feet and move her arms.

Not what I was ever 'told' to do, because evidently this is not normal baby behavior?

And this being in her room thing? I discovered a couple of weeks ago, after confusedly thinking she was showing all the signs of needing a nap (particularly the extreme crankiness) - only an hour after she woke up from her nap - that she really enjoys being shut up in her room with her stuffies and blankets, with the lights off.  I tried putting her down for a nap again, and then heard her happily playing and talking to her stuffies for almost an hour before I opened the door and she happily came back into the real world again. 

Some days she seems to need company so badly, she'll wander around the house seeming a little bit lost because she has no friends to play with, and other times she seems to want to be shut up in her bedroom all alone. 

My daughter likes her 'me time'.

So curious about how this next one will be...

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