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Saturday, 05 May 2012 09:03

Rubbermaid Bin Fort?

The last bedroom door in our hallway goes into our 'cat room', as well as an entry room since the previous owners installed patio doors in it.   This is where we keep the litter box - and Celia is not allowed in it unsupervised. 

Which is why I am constantly finding ways to block her from going past the end of the hallway, without blocking the cat from her litter box or food dish.

Enter this Rubbermaid bin.

It is actually full of Celia's old baby clothes, and just sort of landed there after a day of sorting one day and I thought it would make a good little barricade.  As you can see, I was wrong.  Celia got up there all by herself.  At this point, she wasn't quite able to get down on her own, but she seemed quite content to hang out on it for a long period of time.  I brought her some toys and books and she seemed to have a blast!

Until she got sleepy, and then it was naptime.  She seemed almost willing to curl up right there and nap, but I moved her to her bed anyway.

I've always thought cats were funny, the way they will randomly hang out in the strangest places.  It never occurred to me that kids would do this too.

Do your kids hang out in any strange or funny places?

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