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Friday, 01 March 2013 10:37

Learning About My Daughters

I have had so many moments in my parenting journey where I've fought and fought with something only to discover I was missing something 'key'.  In a lot of these cases, I realize that I could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I had simply discovered this 'key' thing earlier. Like the time when Clara was only an infant and we tried swaddling and cuddling and rocking her for days and days of fussing and crying only to discover that whas she really wanted was to be put down so she could stretch out!

When Clara was about the same age that Audrey is now, she went through a stage where she became increasingly fussy. I was thrown because she had previously been a rather contented baby, and suddenly she seemed discontent all the time.  It took me a couple of weeks to discover that she was BORED. My baby had grown to the point where sitting in her high chair and watching me rummage around the kitchen was no longer enough for her - she needed more stimulation. 

A few days ago, Audrey started doing the same thing.  Luckily I caught on a little bit quicker this time, and after only a few days of checking her mouth for signs of teeth - I started setting her up with more toys and stimulation. 

What is this, Mum?

It feels nice...

Does it taste yummy...?

This has been a valuable discovery for me, since she is now much more happy sitting in her high chair or bouncy chair for longer periods of time.  She has also finally gotten old enough that she enjoys watching Clara run around and play for longer periods of time.

About Clara, I've discovered that her stubbornness has waned. After weeks of watching way too much TV, and feeling somewhat sick and too lazy and tired to fight this too hard, I tried saying 'No' one day. This was predictably followed by a tantrum, however the tantrum only lasted for a few minutes and then Clara wandered off to play with her toys.  


I actually won an argument with this girl??? 

So, for my own future reference, I've discovered that even if I'm feeling completely exhausted (as I still do, with this not-quite-sick-feeling threatening to last into its third week...), I probably don't need to expect a battle of epic proportions to get Clara to obey.  

These are exciting revelations for me - parenting is, at least in some ways, getting a bit easier for the moment. :)

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