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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:25

It's Finally Finished!!

I haven't been blogging much lately, and although I would love to get back to more regularity, I'm trying to refocus and not stress about too much while trying to get the rest of my life in order.  I've been working on getting the house in shape, getting over being sick, and trying to be a better parent despite how tired all of these things make me - and we've been busy and living in chaos, mostly because of our bathroom renovation, but...

After two weeks of running to the basement to use the toilet or shower, we finally have a bathroom upstairs! It's done! It's done! (Happy Dance)

If you recall, this is what our bathroom used to look like:

I wrote a post about why we had to renovate - and in a hurry - here. In a nutshell, we had black mold and wanted to remove what we believed was the source of the mold (the window in the bathroom) to keep it from spreading to the rest of the house. 

Now, my bathroom looks like this:

Ta Daaa!!!

Everytime I walk past it, it feels like it can't possibly be part of our house! I have to look twice to realize that it's real. My first shower in the 'New Baproom' (as Clara calls it) felt so amazingly luxurious - I felt like I was in a luxury hotel or something, not my own house. 

We still have to do or get a few things before the room is officially complete. Next to the new trim around the door, the door looks a bit yellow, so we need to either repaint the door or replace it.  We also want to replace the electrical plate that is above the vanity, so that it matches the white light switches and everything else. 

We also don't have towel racks of any kind yet, and we're still trying to decide what exactly we want. I would like to have a regular towel rack on the wall across from the toilet, and then four hooks on the wall behind the door - two at about 6 feet, and two at about 5 feet, staggered, for towels and bathrobes. We had one hook behind the door for Clara's robe and towel, and now that we have two daughters, I would like to add at least one more to accomodate her towel and robe as well. I thought it would be good to have a hook for each of us, but I don't want it to look too cluttered or busy.

For accessories, Brian is convinced that we need to buy everything new - new towels, soap containers - everything. He would like to go with bamboo, which I think would look really awesome in the room to warm it up a bit, but I don't want to have too much - again, I don't want it to look cluttered. We have a larger space between the toilet and the vanity now, because the new vanity is smaller, and I would like to have only two things in that space - a waste basket, and a step stool for Clara. Brian would like to have a stand-alone toilet paper holder as well, instead of mounting a holder onto the side of the vanity because it is now further from the toilet than it used to be. 

As for towels, we are thinking of going with grey and green. I would love to have white towels, because there is so much white in the room already, but I'm nervous about my ability to keep towels white. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do I dare buy white towels?

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