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Sunday, 07 July 2013 21:42

I'm Still Here

Clearly when my family life gets busy - the blog takes a back seat. This past week, my church hosted an annual convention for our church conference, and there were people from all over Canada and the USA in attendance. I volunteer as administrative support for our congregation, which meant it was an extremely busy week for me. Top that off with the highest temperatures we see in this part of the world, so all I want to do is hide in my basement with an iced coffee and not. move. at. all. 

So my brain was chaos, and my house was in shambles by the end of the week, because I did only what was absolutely necessary. Thanks to the FlyLady, however, my bathroom is spotless and my sink and countertop are clean and shiny, so bring on another week of hot weather! 

I've been missing the blog though, and since it's something I do for myself and for my girls (who will someday hopefully each have a printed hard-copy to keep), I'm glad to be back.

Among the crazy, we did get some time to enjoy ourselves. Here are some pictures of a day we spent with friends at our small nearby zoo.

This peacock kind of followed us around looking for food. We probably weren't supposed to, but we gave it a bit of bread from our lunch...

I hope everyone's having a great summer so far! 

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