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Monday, 30 September 2013 20:58

Natrel Baboo Storytime Playdate

A couple of months ago, I had applied with Mom Central Canada to host a Storytime Playdate, sponsored by Mom Central Canada and Natrel Baboo, in honour of Literacy Month - as September was recently declared by ABC Life Literacy Canada

I had nearly forgotten about my application when this came to my door...

This enormous box included a Fisher Price Little People Farmyard Playset including 10 extra Fisher Price Little People, two Robert Munsch story books, $20 worth of Loblaws gift cards for snacks, a $10 Sears gift card, samples of Natrel Baboo, and some Fisher Price coupon catalogues.  I was so shocked - this is the first blogging-related activity I have ever done like this, and I had no idea what to expect, but despite knowing what the selected applicants would receive - I still left this box sitting in my kitchen for two weeks, too excited to deal with it! 

Because that makes so much sense...

Anyway, I was excited to be a part of this mostly because of the 'Storytime' aspect - I'm a huge fan of reading, and really think that of all of the different school subjects, reading is by far the most important - as long as you can read, you can learn anything - which means literacy is a pretty big deal to me. 

I invited a number of friends of mine who have children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years - although Natrel Baboo is created for babies between the ages of 12 and 24 months, most of my friends' children are either slightly older or slightly younger than that, and I figured it would be ok to include everyone.  Also, because all of the Moms who attended requested that their children not be included on online photos, I'm afraid I can't show photos of everything that went on that day. But here is a little overview...

First, I went shopping at our local Shop Easy and bought crackers and cheese, grapes (for the 'big' kids), bananas, and some veggies. 

Then I set everything up in our playroom downstairs and while the kids played, the grown-ups chatted and we all had lots of snacks!

The Little People Playset was a huge hit with all of the kids, and when we wanted to distribute the Little People to all our young guests, it took us quite awhile to find them all, because they had been involved in adventures all over our play area! 

It was one young guest who picked up a tetra pack of Natrel Baboo and requested to try it, and so we distributed it among the age-appropriate babies and toddlers. While I was opening up Clara's container, Audrey quickly took note and crawled to where I was on the couch, pulled herself up to standing and reached out her arm demandingly toward me. 

My first opinions about this product were of the packaging. Attached to each tetra pack was an extendable straw which I thought was a really fun idea.  The extendable feature of the straws worked great, but the pointy straw tips weren't very pointy or strong and so it was quite difficult to free the straw from its packaging, and then it was even more difficult to puncture the seal on the tetra packs, considering we had bent the pointy straw tips. 

For more information about Natrel Baboo and why it was created, check out their website for more information.  My biggest question about the product was why it was necessary when children by 12 months of age are typically able to drink whole milk from the grocery store, and what I discovered is that basically - Natrel Baboo is milk with a few changes and additives to give it a bit of a nutritional boost, as well as to make it easier to digest than straight whole milk. So, it is considered to be a transitional drink between breastmilk or formula, to drinking whole milk from the grocery store.  Another question I had - after checking out their website - was why Baboo was constantly referred to as a 'dairy product' instead of as 'milk' and although I thought I had found the answer to that question on their FAQ page, I am unable to find it now - it said basically that 'milk', if it includes any additives, cannot legally be called milk in Canada. So, effectively, Baboo is simply milk with a few additives and modifications, but cannot be labelled as such for legal reasons. 

I perused a few blog articles about Natrel Baboo and why other Moms liked it, and realized that I'm pretty lucky in the sense that my daughters have strong stomachs and we've never had to deal with any amount of reflux, but that many Moms who have children with mild to severe reflux issues have really appreciated Natrel Baboo as a transitional drink for their sensitive little ones. 

Most of the children at our playdate had a few sips of the drink, and left their tetra packs abandoned, so I honestly can't say if they liked the drink but were distracted by all of the fun they were having - or if they didn't like the drink and this is why it was abandoned.  My Audrey liked it, though, so the few tetra packs I had left over at the end of the day will be enjoyed by her! 

Near the end of the playdate (suddenly two hours had passed), I sat on the floor and read the two Robert Munsch stories to the kids.  All of the toddlers were clambering for my lap, making me feel like the coolest Mom in town at that moment - has anyone else noticed that the attention of a child can be more uplifting than attention from a peer or even a superior? Kids have power that way... A smile from a baby can make you feel like you're really worth something!

Anyway, the kids loved the story time - and so did I - and we ended our awesome playdate a little later than planned because we had all lost track of the time. 

I gave away the $10 Sears card to one of my guests as a prize, and we divided the Fisher Price Little People among the toddlers in attendance. It was a great morning - Thanks to Mom Central Canada and Natrel Baboo!

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