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Thursday, 13 February 2014 07:00

She's Finally Walking!

On February 2, Groundhod Day, at 15 months and 7 days, Audrey finally decided to walk for more than one or two steps between furniture - and switched from mostly crawling to mostly walking. As though she has to do everything exactly like her big sister, who also began walking between 15 and 16 months. 

She walks hesitantly still, with her elbows bent and her almost-closed fists in front of her, but she's getting faster every day. Today she picked up a book and walked around the house Belle-style, with the book open in her face. 

It has been sooo long since I wrote an update on my girls. So, too late, here is another letter to my dear Audrey. 

My Baby Girl,

You have changed so much in the past few months - and although you are still our 'baby', you really have graduated now to 'toddler'. 

You have such a funny personality, you surprise me daily. That photo up top? You put those pants on your arms yourself and wandered around the house that way. We find you frequently wandering around with random items on your hands - socks, mittens, and random other pieces of clothing, all belonging to anyone in our family. You seem to like to always have things in your hands while you walk - I'll blame all of the people who tried to 'trick' you into walking by always putting things in your hands and then secretly letting go. This evening you walked around with your empty bottle in one hand, and a pair of Clara's panties in the other. 

You are calmer than your sister, and you follow her lead when you play - mostly. Although you have learned how to yell when she's annoying you, and I think you've started using your 'tattling' to your advantage. I'm afraid I may have asked Clara what she did to you a number of times when the answer to that question truly was 'nothing', but you cried and so I assumed she had somehow hurt you. I will learn to interpret your honest cries from your devious ones. :) 

You finally popped some teeth after your first Birthday, and now you have 4 - two each on the top and bottom. You haven't said a word yet that we can clearly interpret as language, but every once in awhile I think your 'ma' means 'more' or your 'di-di' means 'sister'. I try to assume you can understand what we say, though, and you almost always seem to understand my questions to you. 

You still terrify me with your need to explore. You launched yourself over the arm of the couch the other day and although I was watching and was able to catch you - I'm afraid you'll do it on your own one day and be slightly surprised at how far away the floor is. You tumble off things constantly, but even after you cry, you almost always go back and try again.  You love going up the stairs by yourself and you get quite annoyed if I start walking up the stairs with you in my arms. You will wiggle and fuss until I put you down and let you crawl up on your own. The other day I had a bit of a panic when I had forgotten to close the door at the top of our tall stairs and you had crawled to the bottom of the short set and were on your hands and knees, looking down the long flight. I quickly picked you up and I have been quite diligent about making sure the door is closed since, but that could have been a bad situation...

Looking back over my one-year letter to you, I was still breastfeeding a couple of times a day and we're completely done with that now. You were weaned without me really paying attention to what was happening shortly after your first Birthday. Suddenly I realized it had been 2 or 3 days, and you hadn't seemed to notice either. You still drink a ton, and I actually need to take you in for blood testing, just to rule out any diabetes or anything - your doctor isn't really concerned, but she said it would be good just to 'be safe'.  

You've started becoming pickier in your food choices, and you have this irritating habit of suddenly waving your arms across the table in front of you when you decide you're done eating. You give no warning - suddenly there's food and dishes flying across the kitchen.  After waiting what was probably too long to let you start using cutlery on your own, you began refusing food unless you could feed it to yourself, and you've proven surprisingly adept at using a spoon and fork. I have to get back into the habit of bringing bibs with us because anything soft and drippy will certainly end up all over your front, but most of the time you stay pretty clean when you eat. Until of course, the food spasm happens when you decide you're full - then you end up with food all over your lap and arms. :)

My girl, you have a quiet, but expressive personality that I feel like I'm constantly missing behind your sister's flamboyance. I will notice you do something out of the corner of my eye, or you will suddenly be doing something - like wearing pants on your arms and walking around stone-faced - that has me in stitches, and I wonder where you've hidden your giant personality in your quiet persona. I think you will surprise me daily, and I wonder if you will always remain - at least a little bit - a mystery to me. 

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