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Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:27

Easter Weekend

He is Risen!

We tend to expect that when Easter falls at the end of April, unlike in the middle of March, the weather will be nice and Easter egg hunts can happen outside. Apparently not this year. We had a few days of really nice weather last week and much of the snow melted in our backyard - spring seemed to be coming! Then, on Friday, we got a blizzard. 

A full-on, 4 inches of snow winter blizzard. It felt like December.

We had made plans to go to our friends' house for grilled pizza - we went anyway, although the kids weren't able to play outside as planned.

We had the kids decorate eggs instead.

The next morning our yard looked like this:

My Grandparents are having an auction this year, and when I found my Saturday mostly free I volunteered to help my Grandma empty boxes and sort through things for the sale.  Both my Grandma and Grandpa have to downsize and move to a condo for health reasons, and although my Grandma is happy to simplify her life, my Grandpa is struggling to let go of so much of what he holds dear. I can't even begin to understand how he must feel, but since he has been collecting - mostly antiques - for nearly 60 years, he will have to get rid of a lot of things.  Going through some of his treasures was actually really fascinating.

I actually remember using a rotary phone - my Grandparents had one in use when I was younger - but this thing goes back much further. To a time when party lines were a thing and you could pick up the ear piece and listen to anyone else's conversation. I loved pretending to talk on this phone when I was a kid.

These actually still contained a polishing cloth and foot soap.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Or have a snowball fight, possibly? In April? Clara had the time of her life outside at her Grandparents for one of our Easter gatherings.

My weekend wasn't all that enjoyable for me, for reasons I can't quite explain. I dealt with a bit of anxiety that I just couldn't shake and it kept me on edge all three days. Maybe it's the weather - there's something horribly depressing about a snowstorm after more than 6 months of winter...

"It's cold - get it off." 

Thankfully the snow that fell on the weekend is gone and we just have a few of the icy piles in the shade left in our yard. Earlier this week there was a lot of mud so playing outside is still not a lot of fun (for Mommy, anyway).  

As a Christian family, we failed to highlight the weekend for what it was supposed to be - a time to remember the sacrifice of our God - and I regret that. It was only a minor footnote the entire weekend and yet we base our entire faith (really) on this one event. God became a man, died a human death, and then came back to life to prove his power.  There's enough documentation from 2000 years ago to convince even historians that Jesus lived, died, and that many people believed to have seen him after he came back to life - and they believed strongly enough to die for that belief.  Crazy stuff that we tend to treat so lightly. 

Anyway, happy belated 'Easter'! 

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