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Thursday, 23 August 2012 22:00

Girl Names!

I posted awhile back about my favourite names for either a girl or a boy, and now that we *know* we are having a girl (I'm still leaving the possibility open in my brain that the u/s tech was wrong... just so I'm not horrendously shocked if it IS a boy...), my list has been cut in half - and changed a bit...

I'm hoping to get a bit of input on this, but I want to be very clear - I don't need to know if you dislike any of these names...

Please DO tell me if any of the names rhyme with something dirty, or if some serial killer or psycho-celebrity shares the name, or if the initials spell something unbecoming (Our last name starts with 'L').

Also, I would like to know if you really, really, really like any of these names - which is your favourite - and why?

I actually have a pretty good idea which of these names we are going to use, but Clara's name changed at the last minute - so it's possible this baby's name could also.  Interestingly, 'Clara Faith' was the name on my previous list that everyone had said they liked best - maybe it had nothing to do with why we chose it, but maybe it did, who knows.  It was nice to know before hand that the response to her name would be good.

So, without further ado, here is our list...






I'm pretty decided on 'Grace' being her middle name, and I think I will also give her an additional middle name (Rayne) in honour of my Dad, but I think they go with any of these first names. 

Also, considering our other daughters' name is Clara - which of these names, do you think, 'go' best?

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 13:30

Baby Names? Already?

Awhile back I explained a favourite method of involving friends and family in the 'name choosing' process without giving away your official name choice.  I used hypothetical names, but since I have 'outed' my first daughters' real name, I can finally share my REAL name choices with you...

So, here they are:

               For Boys:

Simon Theodore

Edmund Oliver

Elliot Nathaniel

Charles Nathaniel

Alexander Glenn

Nathaniel Glenn

               For Girls

Ingrid Anika

Charlotte Natalie

Sophia Scarlett

Jillian Grace

Audrey Marie

Natalie Joy

I would love to hear what everything thinks of these names, but I do have a few things I'd like people to realize - I LIKE all of these names, they are all potential runner-ups, so please respect that.  ONE of each of these names is already on the top of my list - not that this is a guarantee, however, since we changed Clara's name at the last minute from 'Gwyneth Elena' to 'Clara Faith' which was radically different, but both names were on our list.

The type of information I would like to hear from people is stuff like 'Charles makes me think of the Royal Family' or 'Charlotte makes me think of a spider' and stuff like that.  I know about the royal family, and I know about 'Charlotte's Web' but it's possible I don't know about some pop culture references that might come to mind when you see these names - that is what I'd love to hear.  Also, our last name starts with 'L'.  We are NOT sports people.  We don't watch sports on tv, and we don't play any kind of sports.  Everyone knows this about us.

I had shown our name lists around to many people and had NEVER had anyone mention that Clara Faith L gave her the initials 'CFL' which around here, means 'Canadian Football League' (I think...).  Anyway, on the day she was born and we announced her name, about three people walked into the hospital room saying 'Did you know her initials are CFL?'.   WHAT? This was why we showed you the list! Anyway, I probably wouldn't have changed her name even still, but it would have been nice to know beforehand...

We do have a few possible 'rules' for naming this second child that I'm not entirely certain we will stick to. 

1. I would prefer to not use 'C' as a first initial.  Although it's possible we will only have two kids, I would worry about having a third and either leaving him/her out of the 'name pattern' or desperately trying to find another 'C' name that I really like at the time.

2. I would prefer the name not to rhyme with Clara.  'Sophia' is a bit close to rhyming, but I really like it, so it landed on the list anyway.

Given my list of names, does anyone have any other suggestions for me that you think I might really like? I feel much less confident on my naming choices with this baby than I ever did with Clara.


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Thursday, 24 May 2012 20:15


There! I've said it! After months of calling my daughter 'Celia', I'm beginning to go crazy trying to steer away from name conversations when I LOVE talking about names!!! I was starting to get confused in real life, and was beginning to refer to her as 'Celia' in all text or online contexts.  I would send my Mom a text and she'd be like 'Who?'.  Oh yeah... only on my blog...

Also, although I've been trying to be sensitive to the fact that my kids might grow up to be highly sensitive people and not want their personal information known to the world, I have to realize that they have me for a mother.  Or maybe they have to realize that, but either way, these kids will have no secrets.

So, my daughter's name is Clara.  Clara Faith. 

And here is a bit of her 'naming' story...

Years ago, long before I was pregnant, my husband and I were randomly discussing potential baby names while lying in bed one night.  He suggested we name all of our kids after famous composers.  He is a classical music nut, and we both play the piano, so it was an amusing train of thought.  He started listing names...

Heinrich.... No.

Friedrich.... Frederyk? Freddy? Maybe...

Hans... No.

Carl... No!!! (One of those bad-people-associations)

Johann... No...

Suddenly I said "Wait?? Where are all the girls' names?"  So he continued listing...

Harriet... If you can promise me it will NEVER be shortened to Harry? So, no.

Vittoria... Not really a fan, no.

Camille... My aunt had a cat named Camille once... it was kind of crazy.



                                         I like that!

It's old-fashioned (which is cool now - Sophia, Emma, Olivia, etc.) while not being in the top 100 list (although I've met a lot of little Clara's since, so it's more popular than we thought, which is ok too).

-- How's that for geeky, Mama G? :)

Faith is an important virtue to us, and it sounded good with 'Clara' (we thought, anyway), but we have no great story for that one.

As it happened, we had initially chosen a different name for her, but immediately after she was born we switched her name to Clara Faith.  I'll tell that story in another post...

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 09:06

Naming Another Baby...

I realize I'm late for Toddle Along Tuesday, but I'm going to do this post anyway...

When we named Celia (not her real name), I wanted something classic and maybe old-fashioned, but not too trendy.  I adore names like Olivia, Sophia and Emma, but they have become quite common lately, and I didn't want her to be one of six 'Olivia's' in any given class.  This may not be the issue it was when I was a kid with Amanda's and Michael's and Steve's, but it was still something I wanted to avoid.

Years before I was pregnant, I had a pregnant friend who used this method for 'trying out' names on people to see what they thought - because she didn't want to tell people what the baby's name was going to be, she created a list that looked somewhat like this...

1. Michael Adam

2. Adam Michael

3. Mark Adam

4. Mark Jason

5. Jason Mark

(She knew it was a boy)

The idea being that her favourite names were incorporated in this list, or that the single name they had already chosen was included in this list, but they could show the list to people - and get thoughts, opinions, and reactions - without giving away what the name actually was.

When I did this, it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.  Before showing the list, I told people frankly that I liked each and every name on the list - each name had already passed our first 'phase' of name choosing - and that I didn't really want to hear if people liked or disliked the names.  

What I did want to hear was the sort of thing I may have missed in choosing the name...

"Did you know the initials would say... "


"Did you know the name 'Adolf' was once the name of a pretty famous not-so-great guy?"


What I did end up hearing was what everyone's favourite name was on the list - which initially, wasn't the name we had chosen.  I also didn't hear a thing about initials until after Celia was born when at least three people walked in and said "Did you know her initials are..." 


That information would have been nice earlier... not that we really cared, and it certainly wasn't worth changing her name for. 

Anyway, I don't know if we'll do the same with this one. I'm finding it difficult to find names that I like that 'go with' Celia's name, and also names that I like as much as her name... and boys names seem absolutely impossible to me, I can't even think of one!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 14:05

Baby Names

So I've always thought that naming babies is the easiest and most fun part of the whole 'planning for baby' process.  I've jokingly said that I would have two dozen kids just so I could name them!

Somehow my husband and I started talking about this - it had something to do with a Dr. Seuss book where a woman had a bunch of sons and named them all Dave, but she could have named them other things like Marvin O'Gravel Balloonface, and my husband said 'It would be really hard to name so many kids - maybe it would be good to name them all the same thing!'.  And I said 'No, it would be fun to name so many kids!' So he said - 'I bet you couldn't come up with 25 names that you like!' - challenge accepted.

Then he grumbled something about being kidding and that it was midnight and I should just go to sleep, but now I was on a mission... so here goes.  Since I have an easier time with girls names than boys, I decided to come up with 10 boys names and 15 girls. 


1. Elliot Nathaniel

2. Alexander Glenn

3. Oliver Bennett

4. Simon Daniel

5. Charles Dorian

6. Caleb Aaron

7. Colin David

8. Jack William

9. Nicholas Brian

10. Noah Theodore


1. Ava Gwendolyn

2. Sophia Scarlett

3. Rachelle Elena

4. Lauren Piper

5. Ingrid Anika

6. Miriam Hope

7. Heidi Catherine

8. Hannah Naomi

9. Norah Brielle

10. Amelia Joy

11. Clara Faith

12. Lily Marie

13. Natalie Charlotte

14. Olivia Helen

15. Gillian Grace

I had to admit at the end of this, that it was MUCH harder, having already named a child - to come up with names for potential future children.  It hadn't occurred to me before, but now that I'd named one child, there were certain 'rules' I now had to follow - such as, does the name mean something - like my daughter's does, do I consider the name a similar 'style' to my daughter's name and should I use names that are already in the family since I chose not to with my first?

Anyway, it was a fun little exercise - I enjoy doing this every once in awhile to see how things have changed.  When I was a teenager, I thought I would have four kids - two boys and two girls - and their names would have been - Alexander, Norah, Zachary and Anaya (either spelled that way or the traditional 'Anaisa').  I guess things change.

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