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Friday, 23 March 2012 11:19

I 'Poo'ed...

After nearly three months of 'no-poo'ing my hair (baking soda wash, cider vinegar rinse), I gave up and started shampooing my hair again.


I really wanted to make it work, but I think there may have been a precise formula that I was too lazy to follow or something, and my hair gradually started feeling worse - more greasy - and looking that way too.  With all of my running around to get to the hospital and everything I have been doing lately, I didn't have the energy to figure out how to do this properly. 


I'm back to conventional methods of hair care, and currently using an old L'oreal Kids bottle that I found in my drawer (because I still don't really want to spend money on this...).  Does anyone know of any really great hair-care products that are either not overly expensive or really worth the money?

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:51

'Poo Free' Update

It's been awhile since I wrote an update on my hair-care regimen, so here it is...

Since January 2, I have been using a mixture of baking soda and water to wash my hair instead of regular shampoo.

In all, my hair is a bit more difficult to manage than it used to be - I have to be quite thorough when rinsing my hair of the baking soda rinse, or my hair will have a bit of a greasy-feeling film on it, and my hair is a bit more difficult to run a brush through than it was when I used conventional conditioners.

It has also been commented to me that may hair seems more 'dull' in colour than it used to, and others have described this look as being more 'natural'.  This makes sense, since the more damaged your hair is by chemicals, the shinier it will be - just take a look at anyone who spends a lot of time in a chlorinated swimming pool. 

My hair seems thicker than it used to, and looks better in less 'perfect' hairstyles, like 'messy' ponytails, than it used to.  I can also go at least two days between washing my hair, while in the past my hair became noticeably greasy after only one day.  It also takes quite a bit off my monthly grocery bill, which is really just all win. 

So, for the foreseeable future, I will continue washing my hair with baking soda.  Even though my husband thinks it's weird.

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Monday, 13 February 2012 12:25

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I love having my birthday near Valentine's Day.  I know that a lot of people hate the holiday, and I agree that it's really just a marketing gimmick created by greeting card companies, but hey.  I love that I know my birthday is coming by the decorations in stores.  It's as though everyone is announcing with their big pink and red hearts how much they love ME! 

Not to sound egocentric or anything...

Anyway, my husband and I are a bit low on cash this year, but for my birthday he decided to make me a fancy French dinner at home.

The picture is not overly clear, but this was lamb chops with braised leeks on an almond coulis, dates and a chocolate infused tangerine reduction. He also made french-fried baby potatoes and chanterelles with shallots as sides and a thin apple tart (with homemade pastry) for dessert.  

My husband is incredible!

This morning my parents showed up at my door with a mocha and scone from Starbucks.  I'm procrastinating because I really need to get some house cleaning done because I teach piano at 6 today and I'm the only one here to do it, but it's just not an exciting thing to do on your birthday, so I'm putting it off.

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Monday, 30 January 2012 21:19

'Poo Free' Continued...

I have been 'off' shampoo and conditioner (in the traditional sense) for almost a month now, and although I'm not jumping up and down about how awesome my hair is, I'm not planning to purchase any shampoo again anytime soon.

My hair is starting to seem less greasy on a regular basis, although it still looks and feels slightly greasier than it used to (immediately after a washing), it lasts for a couple of days as opposed to the less than 18 hours I used to get out of it. 

So, all told, it's not so bad that I want to go back to spending an insane amount of money on products that didn't really work anyway.

Here is what my hair looked like today:

Slightly greasy looking at the front - but not so much that it's obviously grease...

And this looks pretty good - although I've had a bit of an issue with static.  I haven't used any products except occasionally a teeny bit of hairspray to make the little hairs at the top of my forehead stay down.  I should also note that the color in my hair is entirely natural - those are not artificial streaks you see...

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Thursday, 19 January 2012 08:58

'Poo Free' Day 18

For the first couple of days of not using shampoo, my hair looked beautiful - although it still felt greasy - so I was encouraged to continue with the baking soda routine.  After a few days, it began to look greasier - although still not nearly as greasy as it would if I had simply stopped washing my hair.  I had been warned by various blogs that some people experience a sort of 'detox' period, and so after about a week I was far enough into the regime to back out and too stubborn to reconsider.

It has now been two and a half weeks.  I have started to wash my hair less often - once every other day, instead of once a day.  My hair still seems greasy to me, but I discovered that if I rinse my hair while scrubbing (baking soda seems to be hard to completely rinse free) for long enough - it makes a difference.

So, for now I continue because the lack of toxins from commercial shampoos and conditioners is logically the healthier choice for my hair, and although my hair is not (yet?) beautifully clean feeling, I'm still waiting out the detox period and hopefully it will sort itself out.  It is also MUCH cheaper than hunting for an effective product at $8-$15/bottle...

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 22:59

End of Day 2

My hair has been dry all day - I even curled it!  My hair didn't stay in curls, which isn't unusual, but I was hoping it would work better...

Although it still feels slightly greasy, it doesn't look greasy at all.  So far so good...

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 09:01

Day Two of Being 'Poo Free'

A while back, I was talking to a friend about how annoyingly unmanageable my hair is.  She suggested trying the 'poo free' method of hair cleaning - for those of you who don't know, this involves not using shampoo or conditioner in favour of baking soda and apple cider vinegar, respectively.

Lately I've been trying to cut back my costs around the house, as well as replace as many 'chemicals' in my house as possible with natural ingredients. (It just makes sense to me that we should use as many natural items as possible, since the animals we are are likely not made to use all of the processed junk we do...).  Also, because my hair is ridiculously tangly, I am always using a TON of conditioner, which gets pricy, as well as constantly trying different brands and products to find something that leaves my hair more manageable.  Nothing has worked, so I was quite willing to try anything.

Yesterday was Day 1.  As prescribed by various websites, I mixed 1 Tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of water, and used this ratio to fill an empty shampoo bottle.  The same ratio was used to mix Apple Cider Vinegar with water into an empty conditioner bottle.  In the shower, I poured about an eighth of the soda mixture onto my hair, worked in as much as possible, and then rinsed.  My hair felt heavy and a bit greasy.  Then, I poured the same amount of the cider mixture onto my hair, worked it in as much as possible, and then rinsed.  The vinegar smell is a bit strong for a minute, but it goes away as soon as it is rinsed out.

Typically, after one missed shower, my hair is noticeably greasy.  I have even tried in the past to simply rinse my hair with water if no shampooing product was available, and I have walked out of the shower with greasy hair.  Simply put - my hair needed shampoo!

Yesterday, however, my hair looked great.  It felt a little bit heavy, and 'sticky', but it looked light and airy and very not-greasy.

Today is Day 2.  I washed my hair the same way as yesterday - I forgot until after I rinsed that most websites suggested only rinsing with cider vinegar every 3 or 4 days, so I'll skip that step tomorrow... So far my hair is still wet and in a towel, but I'll keep you posted.


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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 11:27

Changing my Attitude

Lately my husband and I have been eating out - a LOT.  Which would be ok, except that we don't have a ton of cash right now, since we're still recuperating from Brian being jobless in September, and we're not eating out for fun and to places we enjoy but because we're lazy, and we're going to places like McDonalds and TacoTime. 

In November and December, I spend a lot of time doing Christmas baking.  As I have been baking this year, I have also been watching online documentaries from my computer.  Mostly historical and religious stuff, particularly if they're controversial, but I happened to stumble on 'Supersize Me'.  Every one has heard of it, I'm sure.

I was surprised at how taken in I was by what this guy was saying.  It hadn't occurred to me that ANY kind of food could be THAT bad for you, or cause that kind of damage.  And although it's one thing to fill your own stomach with crap food and damage your own liver, it's entirely different to give this stuff to a child who has no say in the matter.  I decided that it was time for a change. 

We were mostly eating out because after a long day of baking and cleaning up after baking, I was tired and didn't want to do any more kitchen work.  And the option is always there - at the back of my head - when I'm tired, I can always resort to fast food...

SO - I decided to remove this variable completely.  I have forbidden us from eating out - at least for the foreseeable future - to give myself time to develop better habits, and to force ourselves to choose homemade food instead.  Even if we have to go out to the grocery store to get something because there's nothing in the house - we would have gone out for fast food anyway.

There is a new tab on this website - for recipes.  I have been scouring my family and friends for quick and easy recipes that they use, as well as recipes they use regularly simply because they really like them.  So, for every day that I use a new recipe, I will add it to my Recipes page.  I'm a bit behind, since I started this a couple of weeks ago, and some recipes will be without pictures - I hope that will be ok. :)

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Friday, 28 October 2011 13:33

Leaf Maze

Every year I try to make a point of raking all of the leaves in our yard into a maze.  When I was a teenager, I babysat for a family that did this every year with their kids and I enjoyed doing this with them and still enjoy it now!  My little sister came over and after the maze was finished, we took turns changing it and then trying to get through it again.

These are my cat's glowing eyes watching us through the front door...

Then we had to make a leaf pile...

And play in it...

It was a fun day, and it's exciting for me to finally have a child to do stuff like this with!

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