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Tuesday, 17 April 2012 09:38

A Day in the Life - TAT

This week, Growing up Geeky and Love, Lattes and Lullabies are hosting Toddle Along Tuesday with 'A Day in the Life'.  I find this theme to be quite daunting - and I'm nervous to admit what I do (or don't do) on a given day.

A typical day for us starts at about 8am (my husband has flexible work hours, so he lets his alarm go off until he feels like getting out of bed...), which is about the time Celia wakes up and starts talking to us through her bedroom door.  Brian grabs a bottle of milk for her, and brings both Celia and bottle to lie next to me in bed while she drinks.  I love this almost-cuddle time, but it often ends up being more of a wrestling time, since Celia seems unable to stay still while doing anything.

Celia then rolls herself off the bed (with a little help) and I reluctantly follow.  Then I typically forget to change her diaper and settle her in to her booster-chair to have some breakfast - usually oatmeal, cream of wheat, waffles, or pancakes.

Then it's playtime with her toys.

I'm hoping to change her schedule a bit, but recently, Celia has taken her long nap from about 10 or 11am for about two to three hours.  For this reason, I rarely tackle leaving the house in the morning, so I have to admit that we don't get out much. During her nap, I spend some time online, do some house cleaning and since being pregnant I often have a nap myself.

After Celia wakes up, it's lunchtime, and then playtime while I clean-up. 

Then, we don't have much time until one of Celia's babysitters comes to watch her while I teach piano.  I have three different pre-teenage girls (two of whom trade me babysitting for piano lessons) who watch Celia in her bedroom or downstairs while I am teaching. 

Then when Daddy gets home, it's supper time (which I've hopefully prepared before I began teaching), and then playtime with Daddy while I continue teaching. 

Every two or three days, Celia has a bath before bed (she's started really disliking them, so we don't push it).  Then at about 7:30 or 8, it's time for another bottle of milk, followed by tooth brushing.  Then storytime, prayer and bedtime.

If I have energy after that, I do a bit more house cleaning and read a book or watch TV with Brian. Then I have a bath, and go to bed!

I'd like to say we go out more, but I don't have a vehicle while Brian's at work, and the weather here has been a bit too cold to go outside even still.  I can't wait until it warms up!

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