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Friday, 12 October 2012 14:16

Pregnancy Journal

When I became pregnant with Clara in March of 2010, I found an old journal that had almost no entries in it and decided to adopt it for a 'Pregnancy Journal'.  My thought was that it would serve two purposes.  The first, would be for myself for future pregnancies to look back and compare what I had experienced earlier, because I am well aware of how quickly you can forget things - even things that seem so unforgettable at the moment.

The second purpose would be for any future daughters I might (hopefully) have, that they would have a record of what their mother's pregnancies were like.   I wasn't really able to find out what my mothers' pregnancy had been like, so this was a valuable thing I didn't take for granted.

My initial purpose became useless when I lost the journal partway into my second pregnancy and didn't actually use it as a resource.  It wasn't until yesterday, when I experienced a number of things I didn't remember from Clara's pregnancy that I pulled out the journal (it wasn't lost persay, just sort of misplaced) to compare.

First, here is what happened yesterday...

I had a doctor's appointment where I learned that I am already 1cm dilated.  I do remember that in Clara's pregnancy, I was dilated up to a month (or more) early, and continued to dilate throughout the month.  This is how I learned that dilating early doesn't mean anything, because Clara still arrived late!

However, after the appointment I had a bit of a pinkish 'show', which I did NOT remember experiencing with Clara, and also suddenly felt a lot of cramping, as though a weight was threatening to bust through me down there.  I also became very uncomfortable, which after weeks of saying I was very ok with waiting for this baby to come in her own sweet time, made me suddenly very impatient for the discomfort to end.  I also had one solid, painful contraction - unlike I ever remembered experiencing with Clara - even when I was in labour - and suddenly I felt as though I was about to have the baby that night. 

This morning, I woke up and fished out the old pregnancy journal...

And discovered that actually, all of these things that had 'suddenly' happened to me had also happened to me during Clara's pregnancy.  The difference was that during her pregnancy, I actually felt all of them a lot sooner and a lot more extremely (except the contraction - the one yesterday was still unique) during her pregnancy.  They were only seeming so stressful now because this pregnancy has been comparitavely so much easier.  I've become a big wuss, is all. :)

Anyway, after realizing these things are NOT necessarily signs of impending labour, as well as feeling much more comfortable today so far, I probably have a while to wait yet for this baby's arrival, and I'm back to being ok with that. 

Tonight we are going to go shop for a 'coming home' outfit for her, and tomorrow morning my Mom is delivering the dresser for the girls' room. We have to sort through baby clothes, and get the house organized and ready for her arrival.  There is also a ton of junk in the bassinet that, in absence of a baby, has been used as a storage facility for clothing :)

I'm not quite ready for her yet... maybe next week.

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