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Saturday, 13 October 2012 23:36

Pregnancy Update - 38 Weeks...

Pregnancy Update...

I'm getting to the point where counting how 'far along' seems less reasonable than counting 'how far is left'. If baby comes on or around her due date – only TWO WEEKS to go!!!

How big is baby? According to, baby is now about 7lbs, and her length is likely nearing the length she will be at birth.

Weight gain/loss? From the start of my pregnancy to my appointment on Thursday, I had gained a total of 6.4lbs – which is actually almost a full 2lbs more than I had gained at the appointment the week before. Considering the fact that my weight often fluctuates by up to 5lbs daily, I'm not sure how accurate that is...

Feeling: Pregnant! It's finally hit me. The baby is weighing down, and I'm feeling frequent nerve spasms in my groin. I'm also having trouble sleeping. I'm trying not to feel too sorry for myself, since most of this pregnancy has been pretty easy, but I'm actually at the point now where I'd kind of like to get this 'pregnant' thing over with...

Maternity clothes? Getting sick of them, and wanting to go shopping! In a couple of months, hopefully – crossing my fingers!

Sleep: Getting difficult...

Food cravings/aversions: Starting to have late night cravings for food that doesn't seem to exist, so I have a glass of water and go to bed.

Movement? Frequent, and occasionally painful. She's trying to get out in all the wrong directions, it seems...

What I miss? Having energy. Feeling capable.

Best moment this week: Realizing my daughter had gone pretty much an entire week without any serious 'potty accidents'. We even went shopping with her, and at one point she announced that she had to pee and held it in until we found a bathroom for her, which wasn't an insignificant amount of time – so proud!

Baby preparations? We finally have a new dresser in the girls' room! Yay! I have now (finally) pulled out all of our infant clothes, and get to sort through it...

And organize all of our diapers for a newborn, some of which have to be sewn to fit smaller, and some of which have to be tossed and repurchased.  I also need to do all of the diaper stripping, and clothing laundry.

What I'm looking forward to or NOT looking forward to: All of the work I still have to do...

Next Appointment:. This upcoming Thursday!

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