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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 11:51

What Am I Going To Do With This Girl...?

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Some days I feel as though my love for my daughters is purely functional. I 'love' them by feeding them and clothing them, and making sure their needs are met over the course of each day.

Lately, I have felt a surge of emotion almost every time I look at these little girls. Audrey is at my favourite baby age - still completely dependent, but old enough to react to us and start showing a distinct personality.

I seriously need to learn how to use a better camera... I think the bunny is teaching her some kind of martial art...

And Clara... well, Clara is becoming more and more her own unique little person. I love her so intensely and every once in awhile it hits me like a brick wall.  I remember moments growing up when I would catch my Dad looking at me with this funny gleam in his eyes, and I could tell he was fighting back tears. I know what those moments were, now - they were moments of such overwhelming love and emotion that he had to blink back tears. 

Clara is also becoming more and more - each day - like me. She is spunky and stubborn, and talks constantly - about everything. We hear her chatting to herself for hours after she goes to bed, to her stuffies, going over and over the events of the day. She is adorable. 

She is also a pain in the butt. 

The other night we had friends over, and I had made this incredibly yummy looking (it was amazing) fruit pizza for dessert.  Clara had decided to eat no supper at all, and so one of us - I can't remember if it was Brian or I - told her that she needed to eat at least a few bites of supper before she could have dessert.  She refused.  I got out a smaller bowl and pulled out just a few items from her plate and said she had to eat 'only this'.

Again, she refused. 

Then we had a battle of epic proportions - she would take a bite, but then spit it out again and cry.  In the end she could have gotten away with only eating one small piece of mushroom, but she refused to even do that much. I really wanted her to be able to eat the fruit pizza... 

I sent her to her room twice, only to let her out again for a 'second chance' (I really wanted to indulge her, so I did everything I could to help her).  At the end of our battle, she was sitting on my lap refusing to swallow OR spit out a piece of food, but demanding her soother which I refused until the food was no longer in her mouth.  After about 10 minutes I fished the food out of her mouth with my fingers and she was sent to bed with no dessert.

It was unbelievable how much a fight she put up. Her stubbornness is a little bit terrifying sometimes.

She's also hilarious and has me in stitches most of the time with the things she says... 

The other day I wrapped a gift for a friend, and showed Clara what I was doing.  I told her that when my friend showed up, Clara should bring her the gift we had wrapped for her.  Then when my friend showed up, she seemed to have forgotten about the gift until I said "Clara, what did Mommy say you should bring her?" and Clara said to my friend "I give you a necklace!"

I guess it's time we need to stop showing or telling her anything we want kept secret.

This afternoon she stuck her tongue out and slowly moved in to lick my face. I saw her coming and said "What are you doing? Don't lick me!" To which she replied "I have to lick you!" 


Toddlers are so weird...

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