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Friday, 08 February 2013 09:40

Sisters and Pictures and Updates

Tuesday morning started like any other Tuesday morning - Clara refused to get dressed.  Most days I don't worry too much about it, unless she will be going out or we will be having company.  Tuesdays, however, are a 'going out' day for Clara - I teach piano in the evenings, and Brian's parents routinely take her to their house for supper and the evening on Tuesdays each week.

Toddler psychology lesson (for me and my toddler, anyway) - ignore her request to not get dressed and make a big deal out of dressing her sister. :)

I had purchased a couple of matching t-shirts for the girls over the weekend, and I pulled one of these out to dress Audrey in.  Then, I made a big deal out of it and how adorable it was and blah, blah... suddenly Clara had jumped off her bed - pushed it toward her dresser (because standing on her bed is the only way she can see into her t-shirt drawer) and peered into her t-shirt drawer saying "I want that one!".  I knew she was pointing to the matching shirt, and I felt pretty smug about having co-erced her into getting dressed.  It was also an excuse to have the girls dressed alike. :)

I posted a few days ago about the dSLR camera that Brian had borrowed from work, and on Tuesday - my last day with it - I took a few more photos of the girls.

Clara was trying to get Audrey to hold the play fork.

Clara has this constant need to hug her sister - it's adorable, but I'm always nervous for Audrey's neck!

Tuesday was also our first full day of having the 'gummy' (soother) under her pillow while she was awake.  Except for one little melt-down when she cried for about 6 seconds about not being able to have it, she has been really good about not having it.  I just need to remind her occasionally, and she will either place it on her bed herself, or if she was going to get it, she will happily continue playing without it. She did tell me today, however, that we needed to buy new ones - so I think she might be under the impression that keeping her gummy under her pillow is just temporary until we get some back-up gummies. 

I had grand intentions to bake cookies, and get started on a kind of 'home-school' curriculum for Clara - just a basic one for toddlers that I found online. It mostly involves learning letters and numbers and singing little kiddy songs.  I wanted some sort of structure to our play times together and something I could plan for - but when I got up in the morning all of that suddenly seemed like too much work.  

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