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Monday, 08 July 2013 15:00

Michael Smith's Cornbread

I gotta say, I love this guy.  He likes to explain everything he does, and WHY he does it, which makes him an excellent cook to learn from. The other night I decided to try a different recipe for cornbread than the one I had been using, and found one by Michael Smith, and so I had to try it. 

You can find his recipe here. I won't bother writing it out again, but it was absolutely delicious! My husband isn't a really big fan of cornbread, and still only ate one piece of this one, but he rated it higher than any other cornbread he had tried. It has more eggs than other recipes I've used, and so it had a really moist, almost custard-like texture.

Unfortunately we don't have a usable cast iron skillet. Actually we HAVE about 3 of them, but they were passed down to us from a family member and have been sitting in our garage waiting to be cleaned for two years... one of these days... 

If you love cornbread - check this one out! 

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