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Thursday, 29 March 2012 14:18

Too Many Bad Things...

Does it ever feel like 'bad' things in life pile up? Sometimes they seem to all gang up on you and hit you at once...

Two nights ago, I received a call from an Aunt about one of my Grandpa's.  I knew he was dealing with cancer, but evidently he has become much worse and they are expecting him to die any day now.

Last night, while I was teaching piano, suddenly my husband runs up the stairs and asks 'How long have we not had hot water?'.  I said I hadn't been aware we were without hot water.  It turns out, he had just been downstairs to see the basement flooding with water from the water heater, and he was wondering how long it had been pouring out.  The plumber showed up and said we needed a new water heater, and it would cost him $1400 plus tax to do it.  We don't have $1400.  We don't even have $400 right now, so we will be without hot water until we can find a cheaper alternative or can come up with $1400. 

While we were waiting for the plumber last night, Brian got a call about his Grandpa saying that he had just received news of a potentially life-threatening health concern.  Nothing confirmed in this regard, but it's a scary situation for the family nonetheless.

Top all of this off with the fact that my Dad remains in his bed at the hospital, unable to really communicate with us and unable to do really anything, including eat real food.  The doctors have advised us that he should have a feeding tube 'installed' directly into his stomach, and that we should discuss our 'wishes' about resuscitation, etc.

Someone told me that bad things always happen in three's, and although the water heater isn't nearly as big a deal as the other three things, it still seems to tip the scales in the 'too many bad things happening' direction.

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